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@ Work Office Tips to Increase Productivity

by : Mharlos | 25 Feb, 2021 | Office Organization | Office Systems | 0 Comments

Office Tips Bradford for @ home or in a commercial workspace.

Schedule time in your calendar.

  • Everything requires a place in your schedule so that it will get completed.

Do fewer things — better.

  • Be sure to give yourself enough time to get everything done.

I’ve been putting a lot less into my calendar each day and I feel amazing as I’m not rushed. I learned to treat myself the way I treat my clients-under promise and over deliver…everyone is happy including me.

Set up a 15-minute appointment with yourself at the end of your office day to clear your desk.

I love how I feel when I walk by my home office and the desk is clear and everything is away…like the rest of my home. Very calm and peaceful.

Setting boundaries 

  • Everything from business appointments, coffee meeting to kid’s routines.


Working from home

  • Allow for the teens to pop their head(s) into your office to let you know they’re home. For younger kids plan to take a break for 15 – 30 minutes to ask about their day, have a snack and get them started on homework.



  • Let voice mail answer the call unless it’s urgent.

My voicemail says I will call the next business day. 95% of the time I call the same day but this strategy allows me to stay focus and be more productive. 

  • If you struggle with this turn off the phone’s ringer.
  • Have a few times during the day to listen to voicemails and take the necessary action i.e. schedule it in.


Schedule a consistent time each day to answer emails. Avoid checking email on demand.



Schedule time to handle social media.

i.e. creating posts, posting, liking, sharing, recommending.

Organize your to-do list every day.

  • Break your projects into bite site pieces so you’re not overwhelmed.


Use decorative boxes and bins to keep yourself organized.

  • Great for open shelves, bookcases and cubbies.

I have clients who have a few on hand to hide files/work that they want to continue but they don’t want clients/visitors coming into their office to see those items. So, they hide the work in the boxes/bins. This allows you to focus on that individual and it makes them feel that their time is valued. Make it all about them.

Add plants, a few photos, artwork or decor

  • Make your space warm and inviting.


A few other office tips Bradford reminders…let in natural light and add good lighting like track lights so you can direct light where you need it.


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