What to buy for your Child’s Teacher?


What to buy for your child’s teacher can be a tough one. And, do the teachers actually expect their students to give them a gift at Christmas or for any other holiday. Probably not. A hand written note from you, the parent or a nice homemade Christmas card from your child would likely be very touching and welcomed.

In my past I was not a teacher, however, I created and ran many programs for children in my social services career. In my last position I saw the children daily and the parents quite frequently. I got to know them and they got to know me. One thing they learned about me was that I love dogs. One Christmas after working with them for 4 years I received this beautiful stuffed dog that I have cherished since. 14 years later I still have him. He lays on my office desk next to my computer. 

For me, the gift was so unexpected and such a huge surprise. I am so very grateful that they took the time to choose something that would be meaningful to me. In the words of Marie Kondo – it brings me joy! 

For those of you who are looking for gifts for your child’s teacher here is an article I found written by a teacher. She shares what gifts teachers would love to receive although not expected. But if you are so inclined to figure what to buy for your child’s teacher, here is the list of items.

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