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The Living Organized® Weekly Tip is a short and simple Home Organization solution to help you on your organizing journey…
one bite at a time. 

One a Day Clutter Clearing Method

If decluttering feels overwhelming keep it simple.

Get rid of just one thing you don’t need each day.

Toss out an old make up container that has expired or you are no longer using. Toss just one item that has expired in your kitchen.

You can walk through each room and select one item daily that you no longer love, use or need.

Include home décor, old picture frames, old hair brushes, towels (charity for people or pets), party platters, dishes, pots pans. And don’t stop there if you have tools you will never use…well you know get it.

  • Toss
  • Recycle
  • Sell
  • Donate

Let it go to someone else who will enjoy it.


Start a box for charity – label it. And if it’s going to a friend label that for him/her. When the box is full place it in your car to drop of the next time you are out on errands. But don’t stop with one box or bag…keep going.

Weekly tips

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Keep Your Front Hall Clear of Clutter

Weekly tips


Sort out the hall closet. Now it’s summer and we no longer require our snow boots. An easy solution is get a large bin or 2. Place all the boots that have mates, still fit or will fit next winter into the bin. Find a place to store them in the basement or on a shelf or in the loft of the garage.

Only the shoes that are being worn this season should be in the front hall. High heels, dress shoes, dress boots and sandals that are not worn daily should be kept in the bedroom closets. So, if they belong to the kids they should go into their closets. For more help with closets download my Free Closet Report on the right column of this page.

Rule of thumb for shoes is that each person “living” in the home should have a maximum of 2 pairs of shoes, boots or sandals in the front hall closet. Keep it simple and make those your most often worn pairs. Treat shoes/boots like clothes. We wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time.And I bet you have favourite shoes too.

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