Unpacking & Home Organization-5 Steps

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Unpacking & Home Organization. You have moved or are preparing for your move?

Whether you are hiring a moving company or planning a DIY move there are a few things that will help you with the Unpacking & Home Organization of your new home.

I’m going to back it up a bit here.

Before your leave your old house…

First, be sure to tell the movers (professional, family or friends) that you would like certain things to come off the truck first. I choose wardrobe boxes.

They’re an easy unpack and the wardrobes go back to the moving company with the men when they leave. DIY, they are unpacked, collapsed and out of the way since they take up so much space.

Second are the beds. My rule is everyone sleeps in their own bed the first night. So, beds on second last plus all the bedding so that they can be put together and made.

Third, I request kitchen boxes. While the rest of the truck is being unloaded the kitchen is being unpacked and setup.

You get the idea. Planning is critical. Everything important to you and your family gets done in priority sequence.

If you need help with your how to packing plan to create a smooth move check out these how to videos and instructions.

Follow these 5 Steps to Unpacking & Home Organization:

You have what you need off the truck first. If you have a professional organizer overseeing the move they will create an unpacking & home organization plan for your home. If it’s just you then work from your plan of what is most important to you next.

#1 – I choose the kitchen. You may not want to be cooking a meal but unpacking the kitchen will get a lot of the hard work out of the way. And, it will make life easier immediately in your new home i.e. less garbage, less recycling and less eating out. Just having access to your favourite or healthy snacks will ease your load and keep everyone fueled for work.

#2 – Finish unpacking and setting up one room at a time.
This prevents overwhelm. Avoid moving from room to room. If everything is properly labeled and in its designated space this should be an easy task.

If you have kids that are old enough to help or a spouse that can help have each one be responsible for unpacking their personal items. i.e. the beds are made up…have the kids unpack their clothes and set up their rooms. Less work unpacking & home organization for you. Also, when they set up their rooms they will be able to find what they need when they need it.

And, have them help with their bathroom(s) too.

#3– Bathroom boxes. Your bed is setup, your clothes from the ward robe boxes hanged and I’m assuming that you have packed a moving day survival kit to make your first few days easier. Consequently,

The bathroom is full of necessities so,
setting up the bathroom(s) are essential.

While you are doing all this work you will need to make sure that you check occasionally on your moving crew.They will need to know where to place the furniture. If something is in the wrong place this is the item to ask them to move it. You will want to make sure that the TV’s are being placed or hanged in their appropriate spots.

As you complete your unpacking and home organization you will most likely find that you brought too many items or some things just won’t work out as you thought. It’s never too late to sell or donate.

#4 – As you go through each box, each room or space re-pack or designate those items that you will not need, use or love. Label and place them in a designated spotto go out. If they are going to charity then put them in your vehicle now, if possible. Otherwise, set up an area in the basement, garage or room for those items to be placed short-term.

Continue working through each room in its entirety.

Complete everything including the hanging of pictures and window coverings.

#5 – Break down all the boxes as you unpack. Store for future use or recycle. Put paper into a recycle bin or clear plastic bags. (each city, town or county has its own rules for how to recycle these items). I remove all of the recycling materials that I unpack when working with my clients.

Moving is a big endeavour. I will not sugar coat it. However, if you have a plan and follow its execution you and your family can have a smooth move.

Feeling overwhelmed!

We keep it simple by bringing all the materials

and doing all the hard work including delivery

of items to a local charity of your choice.

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