Think Vertical when Organizing

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Vertical Organizing

When you are running out of floor space and wonder how you can make everything fit – look up. You might not be able to squeeze another bookcase in; however, you can certainly put shelves and lots of other great things on your walls to keep your organized. Or just to hold your decor and help you to decorate your space.

There are lots of choices from shelves, to hooks, to bulletin boards, pegs boards and more.

And, you can use these in many areas of your home. Peg boards are great for garages, workshops and even for storing gift wrapping or craft supplies. Consequently,

In Vertical Organizing the Sky if the Limit.

No closet space to store your brooms and mops for example, you can attach a mop and broom holder to the wall. 


You don’t have a front hall closet or you lack hanging space when you come in through your garage for coats. Hooks work great for coats, skates, back pack, keys and more. ’S’ hooks can be used to hang kitchen utensils, pots and pans, gardening tools, plants or vases, jewelry, towels, etc. The sky is the limit in their uses and rooms they can be used in.


In an office whether it’s at home or a commercial space, again look up. Short on space for files and filing – The Rackitfile is a useful product. Or hang a magazine rack to place incoming mail or files currently being worked on.

In need of a study space, an office desk or a crafting table. Hang one off the wall. Some of them even fold up to help in small living spaces

Install a cabinet over a toilet.

Add acrylic stacking drawers to your vanities. In addition, you can also purchase similar products to store jewelry, organize kitchen drawers and more.


Use wire shelf organizers in the kitchen to store mugs and dishes. You can even use them in your bathroom vanity to give you easy shelving for bins of hair products, makeup and extra supplies. 


The sky is the limit on vertical organizing. Google it. Add images at the end of your sentence. You might be amazed at what you find. There are some very attractive products out there that can really make any space as organized and beautiful as you’d like it to be.

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