organizing the sale of my home

Last year I chose to get help organizing the sale of my home. And downsizing of my belongings as I was moving to a much smaller home. I found it all so overwhelming. So, I turned to Margaret Harlos of Living Organized.

Margaret helped with everything from what to keep, sell, donate and give away. Which in turn very little went to the dump and put money in my pocket.

It would have been so much more time consuming and mentally tormenting organizing the sale of my home if I had to to do this all myself. And I wouldn’t even know where to start.

I needed Margaret to give me that push to downsize and still hold onto all my treasured memories.

I found Margaret to be very in touch with my emotions concerning my possessions. She was very patient and sympathetic when needing to choose where to part with something. I was very grateful for that aa I can be difficult about letting go.

Because of Margaret’s downsizing skills the home staging of my house and property with her was a breeze.

My home sold in 6 days.

Thank you Margaret and Living Organized. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Sandra P., Innisfil, ON

Organizing the Sale of my Home

I reached out to Margaret from a place of complete desperation after years of living with a spouse who had been diagnosed with a severe hoarding disorder. I felt like I was drowning in his stuff and I just couldn’t face it on my own. Every room in our home was full and overflowing. 

To be honest, I was dreading having someone in our home to help. Afraid of judgement and embarrassed. Ashamed that no matter how hard I tried I could just not keep up with the things my husband would bring home day after day. 

Fortunately, my desperation subsided with Margaret’s help.

Margaret came into my home with a heart full of kindness and compassion. Never once did she make me, or my husband, feel judged or less than. She has helped me over and over again throughout the years. 

When I was on bedrest with my second child, Margaret worked with me for 8 days straight. And took care of every detail. Consequently, she cleared out our entire basement that was filled to the ceiling of my husbands things. Margaret gave my children a space to run and play. Also, she cleared out the bedroom that would become my daughters nursery. I truly don’t know how I would have ever managed without her. 

Little by little I have been reclaiming my home and my voice. Margaret has given me far more than support with decluttering and organizing. She has reminded me that my children and I are worthy of a clear and organized space like this always.

Margaret, thank you! You have a heart of gold and I don’t know how I would have coped without your support all of these years. You are a gift and everyone who works with you and knows you is so blessed.

Celeste, Newmarket, ON

A Place of Complete Desperation
packing and moving

Simply want to say THANKS for handling Marion’s packing and moving.  Your help was greatly appreciated.

LIVING ORGANIZED came to my attention through a recommendation of a friend in HOLY SPIRIT PARISH in Barrie.  The principal behind this company, Margaret Harlos, turned out to be all that my friend said she would be. 

Honest, knowledgeable, thoughtful, and very experienced in keeping her clients on track. 

In my case, I was arranging to have my aunt moved from a seniors’ home in Barrie to another in Whitby.  In a short visit to assess what needed to be done, Margaret helped me to see and anticipate all the minute details of the move that I had not thought of.  She and her staff kept to their work schedule, and she was present every step of the packing and moving.

I highly recommend LIVING ORGANIZED not only for planning and carrying out a move.  I believe that anyone who needs structure and order in a home or office can find this service most valuable.

Michael Nelson
Oshawa, Ontario

THANKS for handling Marion’s packing and moving
can-do spirit

Can-Do Spirit

Margaret from Living Organized was a pleasure to work with. Deciding to take advantage of a sellers market meant I was trying to get my home show ready at break-neck speed.

I was so thankful that Margaret was able to help me out with the process. She was invaluable in helping me deal with my clutter that was getting me overwhelmed. With her can-do spirit and energy we were able to sort out a few rooms in about 4 hours. Therefore, I plan to use Living Organized for my future organizational needs. I would highly recommend her services.

Allie, A.
Barrie, ON

The Can-Do Spirit @ Living Organized

Margaret is a pleasure to work with! Thorough, professional, courteous and open minded. She addressed my variety of issues and did not hesitate to research for the best solutions. Also, she is not afraid to roll up her sleeves and dig in to get the job(s) done herself without hesitation. A great experience!

Judy Paulsen
Innisfil, ON

Professional, Courteous & Open Minded
downsizing & moving

Downsizing & Moving.

I met Margaret the first time in 2008. She was making a presentation on organizing and downsizing at a Retired Teachers of Ontario seniors luncheon. I was publishing a community newspaper at the time and I immediately asked her to come and help me organize my home office. As expected there was tons of paper that needed to be shredded and Margaret knew a place to take it. What a relief. When the job was finished, it was finished. Margaret took away garbage, shredding and anything intended for charity. And my home office was organized-finally.

A couple of years later I called again as I was moving out of my Sandy Cove home to a condo. Again, Margaret downsized, helping take stuff to charity and to garbage. She packed for the move, coordinated the move which included coordinating an elevator at the condo building. which this is sometimes quite serious problem and that day it was. But, Margaret spoke with the superintendent so the movers could continue their work. At the end of the day I was moved in and unpacked with nothing to do but to watch TV and go to bed.

If it weren’t for Margaret downsizing & moving me
I’d still be living in Sandy Cove.

Several years later I called Margaret to help me organize me home office again. As usual, I was left with everything done. Margaret never leaves a job half done.

A few weeks ago, I called Margaret again. I was finished with my home office and the large office armoire had to go somewhere else. We found it a new home in the building so it is now a home office for another person working from home. With the COVID-19 complications Margaret also found a place that will take my dining room suite when I find a smaller replacement.

Last job was organizing my storage locker. That was fun. I had a 7 foot long package of vanes for my vertical blinds which were bent inside the locker. We decided to put them on top of the locker. That was about 8 feet high (Margaret is only 5 feet) so it was a tricky procedure but she got it up there. Margaret doesn’t give up easily.

I was left with an almost empty storage locker with a new shelving unit that will function as an overflow pantry. Margaret left with several bags of stuff for charity and garbage for the dump. Thank you, Margaret!

Peggy Gemmell
Barrie, ON

Downsizing & Moving to a Condo
estate organizing & auction

Estate Organizing & Auction.

I can’t even begin to thank you for the absolute amazing help and all the tremendous hard work you and your team did for us. And also for the emotional support you provided. I really don’t know where I’d be without you.

You helped me and my sister during a very difficult time to which I feel blessed and will forever be thankful.

Chloe Savage
Acton, ON

Estate Organizing & Auction, Savage

A short time ago we needed a full office set up in one of our satellite business offices. Fortunately, we hired Margaret. She was a life saver. Margaret gently and professionally worked with a reluctant employee to bring this office into a professional, warm and efficient work environment. We couldn’t be more pleased! 

Cathy Greer
Executive Director

Business Enterprise Resource Network
Office Set Up & Re-Organization

We simply couldn’t have made our move from a house to a condo without Margaret Harlos at Living Organized.

She began working with us last summer, moving us through the various steps to clean out our home, dispose of many items via donation, charity, etc. And ending with an online auction which she also coordinated. Margaret was on top of every detail throughout the move process. Had answers for all our questions and has a long list of contacts to handle all aspects of downsizing and moving.

She’s cheerful, efficient and always willing to go the extra mile for her clients. Without question, I would and already have recommended to several friends.  

Judy W.
Barrie, ON

Move from a House to a Condo with Living Organized
Moving & Downsizing Testimonial
packing and sorting

I was a senior living on my own. Unfortunately, there was no way I could handle all the packing and sorting for a move. And I was moving to New Brunswick by myself.

Margaret made it easy. Not only did she do most of the packing for me, she found homes for all the things I didn’t want to keep. And consequently, could be used by others.

I highly recommend Living Organized for any downsizing and moving situations.

Meighan Russell
Saint John, NB

Packing and Sorting for a Move
Moving-Downsizing Testimonial
mission complete

Mission complete! The 3.5 hours you spent with me were enough to get the momentum going. I haven’t stopped since you left yesterday. I really needed your energy.

The scary room that used to belong to the exchange student is now a gym. The office junk room is now my bedroom.  And, I even cleaned up, scrubbed, straightened closets and vacuumed the kids rooms.
I am dancing and singing like a youngster.

My house sparkles, feels lighter. Again, mission complete. And the trash man is in for a shock!

You helped me 4 years ago when the basement flooded.

I will continue to refer you to my clients who need that extra input of energy.
Do you do “interventions in Toronto too? My girlfriend was envious as I gloated on the phone.

Thank you so much Margaret, I am delighted and still so full of energy.

Jessy Morrison
The Body Whisperer

Mission Complete with Living Organized
A Home Intervention – Completed
home office barrie

My Home Office Barrie

This letter is in support of Margaret Harlos owner of Living Organized, a company that helps people and business put systems into place that will support their lives by getting them organized.

I met Margaret at a Grow Vantage training night some 5 years ago.

Margaret’s excitable energy when talking about helping people get organized is what drew me to her. I knew that she would be a good fit for me. A couple months later I hired Margaret just before the big move to a new home. I had a home office with files in it that were stuffed to the brim. I am not always sure what will be important to hold onto & what I can let go of.

Margaret & I sifted through many years of paperwork, taxes & memorabilia.

After listening to my wants, needs & thinking about how I work, Margaret created a filing system that worked for me.  And, I am proud to say that I have been able to keep using this system efficiently finding everything that I need easily.

It is Margaret’s ability to see how a person really works in their day today life that has made the difference for her clients.

Thank you, Margaret, for helping me find my way out of the paperwork & into life.

Eileen Sampson RMT, Owner
Sampson’s Body Balance

Home Office Barrie
Organized Filing System
rainbows canada

This past year Rainbows Canada has undergone many changes, one of those was moving to a new location. You provided professional advice about how to make this transition as easy as possible.  This included how to cull the files before moving. Margaret, the colour selections you made for our new office space are amazing. We have had many complements on them.

After attending one of your workshops I came back to the office with new strategies of how to organize our office. Not only did I learn and implement some skills for myself, but you came into our new office, went through our space, and made suggestions on how to simplify some of our taunting tasks. You seem to have a gift in how to streamline paper, computer files and furniture.

Also, I was surprised to hear from you, that you recommend to some of your clients to donate furniture that they no longer need. I was even more surprised when you donated some of the money you received for these items to Rainbows. Margaret, you provide excellent suggestions. And consequently, by working directly with your clients you are able to assist them with what most would find a difficult job to take on. I would highly recommend your services to anyone who is moving, downsizing or just needs to de-clutter their home.

Margaret, you continue to strive to help Rainbows in many ways. And I can’t tell you how much we appreciate it. Thank you for donating so much to Rainbows Canada!


Nancy Newton
National Director, Rainbows Canada

Rainbows Canada
Organize Office Moving
home organization services

I want to thank you for your professional and thorough home organization services. Your answered all my questions, showed me how to set a goal and worked with me to meet that goal with out disruption of my business.

I had two objectives:

1. Categorize and clear out unnecessary material.
2. Make my area look organized for a home assessment

Margaret arrived on time and went straight to work. Her experience was very apparent. With in no time we had a plan and were busy getting rid of the unnecessary junk. She even disposed of junk, which saved me time and inconvenience.

Two days later the home inspector arrived and remarked on the organization of this area. I believe that the value of the home increased because of Margaret’s home organization services.

Thank you, Margaret, for a job well done! If anyone wants to talk to me, I would be pleased to refer your service.

Bob Cassels
Cassels Corporation
Barrie, Ontario

Home Organization Services Barrie
Home Organization for Re-Mortgage Assessment
organizing and moving

Organizing and Moving

Just a quick note to thank you for your help in organizing my recent move. Moving day was a breeze since everything was well packed and clearly labelled. Everything went to the right location in my new home, and due to your excellent packing, not a thing was broken.

Thank you once again,

Doreen Lee
Orangeville, Ontario

Organizing and Moving
Orangeville, Ontario
interior redesign

My Interior Redesign

Thank you SOOO much for the advice for the you gave when I was considering the various options available to me when planning to replace all the floors in my home as well as relocating my electrolysis business in my home.

You gave many suggestions that I would not have considered, picked out excellent paint colours for walls and trim, and recommended various companies from which to consider purchasing supplies.

Thank you so much for making and giving me a CD of pictures before, during and after the renovations. Even more amazing were the occasional phone call during the renovations expressing your interest in how everything was going.

Most of all, thank you for you the friendship that developed between us throughout the time we have known each other. Your integrity, following through with your commitments and being available so often at just the right time for me to bounce ideas off of you has been deeply appreciated.

I look forward to a continued relationship with you and which you much success in helping people redecorate, reorganize their homes, offices, or staging homes to sell. If anyone questions your interior redesign work or wants a reference…have them give me a call or arrange to see what you’ve done, because I am just so happy living and working in my home.


Janet Vanden Berg (now de Jong)
Electrologist, Holland Landing, Ontario

Interior Redesign with Living Organized
Holland Landing, Ontario
downsizing and home organization

Margaret has been a huge support to my husband and I. As we have been in the process of downsizing and home organization were feeling so overwhelmed and unsure of how to navigate through the transition.

She is the most non-judgmental, caring person and I feel blessed to have been able to work with her.

If you’ve been struggling or trying to do it all on your own, surrender the struggle and reach out for support. Calling Margaret will be a decision you will be forever grateful for. She helped bring peace back into our home in a couple of weeks of downsizing and home organization.  We accomplished what would have taken me months on my own. Thank you Margaret!!!

Celeste & Mike
Newmarket, Ontario

Downsizing and Home Organization
Newmarket, Ontario
seniors' downsizing

Seniors’ Downsizing Plan and Process.

Margaret is a true professional who is both warm and caring, as well as hard-working and efficient.

She tactfully advised my elderly mother and I on a seniors’ downsizing plan and timelines. Then patiently led us through sorting and removing items during stages of moving, auction and disposal. She works well alongside clients. Margaret is also trustworthy to get things done on her own, within agreed-upon timelines.

Margaret reasonably requested to bring additional helpers when required, with transparency and pre-approval of any additional fees. She always responded to our questions via text or phone call within a business day (usually much sooner). And even went above and beyond to communicate on last-minute details over a long weekend.

Margaret is dependable, resourceful and has great connections for other quality services (movers, disposal, cleaners). Plus destinations for downsized items (auction, charities, ads on her social media). Her affordable fees are well worth the benefit of her expertise. And the reduced stress and peace of mind needed during this type of big life transition.

We were completely satisfied and would highly recommend the services of Living Organized.

Thank you, Margaret!

Bonnie and Lydia T.
Barrie, ON

A Seniors’ Downsizing Plan and Process
Barrie, Ontario
clutter control

Successful Clutter Control and Downsizing.

Margaret, Thanks for being a great help and support to me when cleaning out my mother’s condominium. The substantial amount of clutter she accumulated over the years was overwhelming. The stress related to emotions attached to clearing out a loved one’s belongings requires support from someone detached (like you). And, with a critical eye.

Thank you again!

Lynn Hamilton
Etobicoke, Ontario

Clutter Control – Successful Downsizing
Etobicoke, Ontario

I have the pleasure of knowing Margaret Harlos for nearly six years. I would meet and connect with Margaret regularly at business and networking events. Until a few months ago I had never had any need to hire Margaret. But I was confident that she would do a terrific job should the need ever arise.

With only two weeks’ notice my 96 year old Aunt was going to be moving from her condo to a retirement home in Barrie. The upcoming move was extremely stressful for my Aunt and she would really be able to do very little to get ready for the move.

The planning and execution was falling to my husband and me. And, during the two busiest weeks of the year, Christmas and New Years. As well we’re parents (including a handicapped adult son), grandparents, and caregivers of my Aunt. We were feeling very overwhelmed with the task at hand.

This is what they mean by the sandwich generation! 

I immediately thought I would call Margaret to see if she could help with the organization of the move. Margaret responded immediately that she could help even though she was leaving on a vacation to Mexico. As soon as Margaret returned she got in touch and got organized to work. She was so professional, but even more importantly she was incredibly patient and caring with my Aunt. Margaret helped sort through a lifetime of memories and piles of clothes, housewares, and trinkets all while maintaining my Aunt’s sense of independence and pride.

Everything was organized and labelled.

And on the moving day Margaret arrived to make sure everything happened in an orderly manner. Unfortunately, I had a horrible migraine on move day but I was grateful that Margaret just stepped in and took care of all the details. She went above and beyond the call of duty. I can’t imagine how we would have managed the move without Margaret’s help.

Several weeks later Margaret visited my Aunt at her new retirement home to make sure she was doing well and feeling settled. Margaret is a first class home organizer and I would recommend her services without hesitation.

Thanks Margaret for making this organized move happen so smoothly.

Anne Dorsey,
Barrie Public Library
Business Librarian

Organized a Lifetime of Memories
Barrie, Ontario
downsizing details

“After my father-in-law passed away we hired Margaret to help us deal with the overwhelming contents of his house. She handled all the downsizing details.

Margaret sorted them beautifully so that we could decide what memories to keep. This lifted a big weight off our shoulders. She also took care of recycling and donating the appropriate items. Margaret was instrumental in making a difficult time easier and was very sensitive to our needs.

I would highly recommend Margaret to anyone in need of organization”.

Cathy Keys
Barrie, Ontario 

Downsizing Details-Handling it All
Barrie, Ontario
planning a move

Planning A Move 

I must tell you what an incredible help you were to me. And, during the most stressful move I have experienced in my life-history of buying and selling eight separate homes.

Not only was I leaving a home that my late wife Angela and I had established over our 20 years together. But I was going to a new, smaller, and for the first time in my life, a rented property. This meant that decisions about what to take, and what to leave behind were paramount.

You’re detached, but at the same time, compassionate opinions during that process were invaluable. And most welcomed. Not only were you able to help with the decision making process. But you also did a great deal of the labour involved in packing for the move. 

Thank you very much for your professional approach to this massive task. I have no hesitation about recommending your services to anyone planning a move, especially large.

Cliff Cassidy
Cornwall, Ontario

Planning a Move Successfully with Living Organized
Cornwall, Ontario


I’ve written these testimonials for Margaret who I have worked personally and referred her to my clients for the past 5 years. I can HONESTLY say that I would entrust her help with anyone.

As for myself, I moved a couple of years ago from a large matrimonial house to a smaller house for me and my children. I was overwhelmed by the task at hand, especially as my ex had already moved out. That, along with the regular stuff of raising kids and working full time. So, I really left everything up to Margaret.

I was impressed by her ability to just schedule things that I would need,

for example telling me one week, “there are movers coming Friday to give you a quote” or “I’ve ordered a small dumpster to get rid of garbage,” (yes, we filled the darned thing).

In terms of my current home, I moved things that shouldn’t have come with us. I’ve hired Margaret to help me purge further, so that everything has a “spot”, including my vehicle in my garage.

As far as clients go, Margaret has great care, and concern for my clients and their individual situations. Whether they just need a bit of help deciding what colours to paint, or move -downsize furniture, or whether they are hoarders who need to dramatically get rid of belongings, Margaret has had wonderful reviews.

I can’t give Margaret enough thanks for all of her help, dedication, and friendship over the years. I always look forward to the times we can work together.

Jamie Hinton,
Barrie Ontario

Move-Downsize-Real Estate Testimonial
Century 21 B.J. Roth Realty Ltd., Brokerage
home staging techniques

Your Home Staging Techniques

Thank you for helping me and Amanda come to grips with the reality of selling our house.

Your advice to us is a testimonial to your work with the quick sale of our home. With your home staging techniques we sold house with Igor in about a week’s time. We painted and got rid of a lot of stuff that had accumulated over the years and made the house a lot more attractive to sell. What a difference it makes when all that stuff you think you need is no longer here. Fixing the little things also really helped too.

Ron & Amanda Gaston
Innisfil, Ontario

Home Staging Techniques for a Quick Home Sale
Innisfil, Ontario
moving experience

A Moving Experience 

A big thank you to Margaret Harlos of Living Organized for all the help she provided us during the course of the last year. We were able to accomplish so much with her help.

When we decided to move to Barrie, I knew right away that Margaret’s services would be a big help to us once again. Margaret packed us up prior to the move. She assisted during the day of the move and unpacked us after our move.

I don’t know what we would have done without Margaret! She brought the moving supplies of boxes, tape and paper. Needless to say, our moving experience went smoothly.

Aileen and Jim Reyes-Picknell
Conscious Asset Management

Another Smooth Moving Experience
Barrie, Ontario
organized mess

My basement was a somewhat organized mess that quite simply over-whelmed me. It was organized and sorted within three hours thanks to Margaret.

Now I know where my garage sale items, family heirlooms and the “keeper” stuff is. I should have asked Margaret a year ago for her help.

I’m so glad we had coffee!!! Thanks Margaret.

Nadine Park
Penticton, BC

An Organized Mess-No Longer!
Barrie, Ontario
living organized

Living Organized!

Over a 3 day weekend, my office became more efficient, my personal environment organized. Even the garage was de-cluttered, the dumping ground where two households were being downsized into one. All of it experienced an enormous make over.

Then came a spur of the moment garage sale. With the rest of the recyclable items donated to the appropriate places – the not for profit recipients … Voila! Margaret did her magic. With her natural skills of weeding out and organizing, I was liberated! I had fun with Margaret and her gift in multitasking throughout the adventure sped up the process. Immediately I relaxed inside and began to catch up and move forward within my busy life.

I truly appreciate Margaret and her extraordinary skills. In focusing on the task at hand and sensing ‘just the right thing’ to do for me. It’s been seven months – I am still smiling!

Thank you Margaret, for making me Living Organized.

Cherie Carpenter
BodyTalk Central

Voila! I’m Liberated and Living Organized
Barrie, Ontario
basement-home organization

Basement – Home Organization

I can’t tell you how thrilled my friends and I were when they were able to stay over last weekend.

I’m so relieved that the basement – home organization is now in order. When I get some more money I will definitely be calling you to help me out in other areas of my home organization.

Take care and thanks again.

Angela DiGiovanni
Barrie, Ontario

Basement – Home Organization Testimonial
Barrie, Ontario
closet organizing done

Closet Organizing Done!

I am so thrilled that I took advantage of your services. With your assistance, in just 4 short hours we managed to remove, sort and dispose of years of accumulation. My goal that day was to tackle just one large closet. l could hardly believe it when we also went on to clean out a cupboard and the storage room in the basement.

Without a doubt, the best feature of your services was that you removed the clutter from my home, and took it somewhere where someone else will be able to make use of it.

Having my closet organizing done is wonderful.

Thanks for your amazing de-cluttering assistance.

Sharon Ball
Innisfil, Ontario

Closet Organizing Done and More
Innisfil, Ontario
overwhelmed and frustrated

Overwhelmed and Frustrated to say the least.

Thanks for all that you did in helping me recover important items and documents from my flood in the spring.

I really appreciate how you arrived on time and got right to it. I was so overwhelmed and frustrated with the mess and felt a sigh of relief once we got started.

I’d be thrilled to refer people to you.

Thanks again!

Michelle Main
U Can Change Your Life!

Overwhelmed and Frustrated…Not Now
Innisfil, Ontario
office organization and clutter free

Office Organization and Clutter Free

A big thank you to Margaret Harlos of Living Organized for all the help she has provided us during the course of the last year. We were able to accomplish so much with her help. Margaret continuously clears the way so that we are able to live our lives and run our businesses effectively.

We brought in Margaret to help me keep my office clutter free and to keep the paper management and filing up to date. Margaret has become an important part of our team. Not only does she help with the maintenance in the filing, she is always coming up with ways to improve office organization. Margaret is well connected in this community and can help you find just about anything you need very quickly. There has been many a time I needed a creative solution to something that seemingly did not exist.

With Margaret, we always found a way to have great office organization and clutter free solutions. She is personable, warm, supportive and friendly.

Aileen & James Reyes,
Conscious Asset Management 

Office Organization and Clutter Free
Barrie, Ontario
organizational skills

Organizational Skills

Margaret organized an office move with me. With the transition planning and regular workload I wanted to get the backlog of filing and organization cleaned up and then pack for the move. With her high energy level and organizational skills the task was accomplished in less than a day! I felt a weight off my shoulders and was able to look forward to the move knowing I had my office organized and ready to go.

Her sense of humour made the day go by in a hurry and the sense of accomplishment at the end of the day was fantastic.

Now I would like to have her assist me at home so I can get the basement into the same great shape!

Organizational Skills and High Energy
Barrie Municipal Non-Profit Housing Corporation
organize and declutter

Margaret was hired to organize and de-clutter my workspace and it was definitely a revelation.

She came in and proceeded to discuss my needs and goals, and then we started to organize. What a difference in the first few hours. We had piles of things divided into groups – keep, toss, donate and sell.

Working alongside Margaret was a great experience. She was straight forward and to the point. This is very important as she gets to the root of the matter quickly and efficiently. We made room in my business space to add the much-needed equipment necessary for business growth.

I would recommend Margaret to anyone whom needs that extra little bit of help to organize and de-clutter. An added bonus was her input as a stager helping me to create a more appealing visual business environment.

Thank you Margaret, you have made room in my life.

Organize and Declutter – a Revelation
Wear Your Brand
let's organize

Margaret Harlos has come into my store several times and has helped me organize my shelves so they would be appealing to the eye.

She has also helped me many times to organize my computer and files. Margaret knows that I am not the best on computers however has never made me feel inadequate, only offered her expertise.

She is a lady that works with integrity and compassion. I would, without hesitation recommend Margaret to help you through your clutter. You will not be disappointed that you made the call.

Dora Kiernan
Candyland Express

Let’s Organize your Shelves and Your Life!
Candyland Express Barrie,, Ontario

Margaret, I have worked with you, since 2006, on many projects: de-cluttering my office and downsizing my home. Every time I am amazed at your depth of knowledge in de-cluttering and cleaning up my mess.

You are always looking for new and clearer ways for folks to be more efficient. Your new “7 Action Tips to Rescue the Cluttered Entrepreneur” is a great example of how you go way and above other organizing companies. Great job on the content.

Margaret, you have always supported charitable organizations like; 12 ladies in a Tent, Rainbows, and the Barrie Food Bank. Your recycling of goods that home owners don’t want is a testament to your innovative thinking.

It is always nice to see your dedicated and over the top energy. Always looking for ways to help others with your energy, knowledge and selflessness. Thank you for being you.

Bob Cassels
Cassels Corporation

De-Cluttering – Downsizing – Thank You
The Cassels Corporation Barrie,, Ontario
Living Organized Workshop

Testimonials of what Seminar Participants are saying about the Living Organized Workshop.

As the Director of Development for Rainbows Canada, a not-for-profit organization, we strive to spend our money wisely. The Wednesday, June 24th’s Living Organized workshop was invaluable to me.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to learn about being organized at this workshop. I like to think of myself as organized, and efficient, however, I was wrong. Through your ‘step by step’ process everyone there benefited, both as a group and individually. I was very impressed.

Your presentation was a learning tool that will last me a lifetime!

Not only did you provide this full day session, but also gave each client an additional 30 minutes of your time at a later date. I can hardly wait for this time.

Thank you Margaret, for sharing all your organizational knowledge and expertise to help me become more efficient in our office.

Nancy Newton, 
Director of Development
Rainbows Canada

The Living Organized Workshop Was Invaluable
Director of Development,, Rainbows Canada

You have a raving fan in me, and I wish you all the best in all your endeavours. You have exceptional customer service, attention to detail and it’s very apparent you have a passion for what you do- Organization.

Without a system and organizational structure, I have found it to be very overwhelming. Living Organized has given me a solution to organize my work area and maintain a system to stay organized. This has resulted in a greater time efficiency and ease of stress to locate all my papers and notes that I need for today or tomorrow.

Thank you Margaret, your organization courses have given me more time and less stress to focus on the important tasks needed to help me in my quest for improving and lasting success.

I’m Living Organized – A Raving Fan
Gone Outside- Canadian Outdoor Tourism Network

our seminars were very well presented. You demonstrated an excellent rapport with your audience, highly informative and knowledgeable. It’s an easy way to get a “leg up” with tips from an expert!

Greg Sarjeant
Sarjeant Management Services

Business Seminars – Leg Up From an Expert
Sarjeant Management Services Inc.

I have taken your last seminar “Office overhaul”. The three separate sessions were truly invaluable.

You covered all aspects of managing one’s office from filing to understanding numerous different business expenses and how they apply to one’s bookkeeping and how some relate to allowable “Income Tax” claims.

How to make one’s office more efficient and how to organize one’s personal environment.

Margaret, your “Office Overhaul” seminar has been great for my business.

I strongly recommend to all entrepreneurs to take your “Office Overhaul” seminar. It will certainly help make their operation more efficient by saving them time and money.

Noel St. Laurent
Huronia – Muskoka Defoggers

Office Organizing Seminars for Business
Huronia/Muskoka DEFOOGERS

Thank you Margaret, and your team for all your help getting us through a very challenging time in preparing to downsize. So amazing how you were able to quickly and efficiently separate the good stuff from the dumpage. Without you, it would have taken us years.

Russell & Linda S.
Barrie, Ontario
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