Systems for an Organized Home

by : Mharlos | 21 Jun, 2021 | Home Organization | Systems | 0 Comments

Creating systems is essential to finding what you need when you need it. I’m sure you’ve heard “a place for everything and everything in its place. “ And that is everything from keys to pencils.

While looking through your belongings ask yourself questions like:

Where will I hang or store the keys?

Tip: if you’re hanging them in an entryway be sure that the keys are not visible to strangers when you open the door. Or that your keys cannot be seen through the door window.

Where will I keep my spare change?

It Might be as simple as an open dish on a dresser or end table, or in a drawer, in a glass jar  or plastic container that you are reusing from the kitchen.

Keep it simple!

 Systems are a method of finding what you need when you need it and easily. i.e. I lived in a rental house in Toronto many moons ago. There was a lovely wooden coat rack with hooks in the entry way at the back door. I chose one of the hooks and hanged my car and house keys on that hook each time I used them. It made sense to me. I was putting on my coat, boots and lastly, I grabbed my keys when going out the door. Came home, opened the door and hung up the keys. Very simple. No stress!

How can I store the winter hats & mitts?

I am a fan of bins for lots of things. It may make sense to give each person a bin for their mitts & hats. Label the bins so no one gets mixed up but also, if you or another family member need to put away an item for them, you place it in the right bin. Another tip: you can use each bin as a catch all for a person’s small personal items like, wallet, keys, sunglasses, etc.

You do not always have to spend money to create systems. Before you shop see what you have on hand that can be re-used. i.e. baskets that are empty, perhaps you have similar items in 2 baskets that are not full. Can those be combined allowing you to use the 2nd basket for your new system.

Consider these options as well:

Another common question. What about a charging station?

It doesn’t have to be fancy although you can purchase attractive looking stations. I have mine hidden away.

A little Prep Work Before Shopping:

  • Measure the space(s)
  • Take photos of the spaces to help you with instore shopping. (sometimes we forget how something looks or we forget how many items we need)
  • Shopping online – check the product dimensions. Read the reviews.  
  • Take a tape measure with you. Not all products have dimensions on their label or the store shelf label. Especially when you shop at the dollar stores. Some of their products are the perfect affordable solutions you need, however, if they don’t fit once you purchase, you cannot always return them. Check out the stores refund/exchange policy.

Even when I know I’m going to buy something in a store, I shop online first. I go through a process of elimination. I narrow my search to 3 stores most often. Doing these things helps you to avoid returns and is a grief saver. I have lots of clients with items that have been in bags for months with the receipts that they just never got around to returning.


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