summer organizing

Summer Organizing

by : Mharlos | 16 Jul, 2019 | Home Organization | Summer Organizing | 0 Comments

In summer organizing like many of you,

I too have things that no longer serve a purpose in my life.

  • They expire.
  • I no longer like them.
  • They don’t fit me or my current lifestyle.

So, I purge. I’m always working on myself – to be the best that I can be. And if you want to grow you have to change and keep up with the times. As of June 21st that just past, it is officially summer. Time to declutter for this season. I generally de-clutter quarterly – each season. Makes sense – right?

Make room for the new to come into your life!

First of all, I worked on the master bedroom. Why? Because that one is easy for me. Start with the simplest place for you.

1. The closet – I found clothes for this season that I moved to the back that I had forgotten about. And many of them fit so I pulled them upfront so I can wear and enjoy them!

Those that didn’t fit I placed into a clear bag. And similarly, I did the same with those I don’t like.

A couple of items I have never worn…
guess where they went – into the clear bag.

2. I went through my hope chest that my parents gave me for my 17th birthday. This I use to store out of season clothing. In my summer organizing purge I went through it and again what doesn’t fit, I do not like I placed into the clear bag.

I also rotated a few things that are out of season from the closet into the chest.

3. And finally, the dresser was purged in the same manner. As a result, lingerie, stockings, bathing suits out they went I was no longer wearing. Here however, some things were tossed as they were not suitable for donations.

As a result,  when finished I had 2 bags for charity and another for a friend plus several items for the garbage.

When I started I really didn’t think that I would fill a bag.

You Will Be Amazed At What YOU Find.

And most importantly, beginning to end this task was done in 45 minutes.Purged, sorted, packed and placed in my truck for delivery. 

I had a few things that would fit a friend that are her style so, I asked if she was interested. She accepted. And, I made no conditions. She could say no and what doesn’t suit her life now she can pass along.

I asked her afterwards how she made out with the clothes. She said they all fit but her mother who lives with her grabbed a few of the t-shirts. We laughed. I’m thrilled that they all went to a home where they will be worn and loved.

Up next – my home office.

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