Storage Bins – Buying the Right Ones

by : Mharlos | 5 Jul, 2021 | Home Organization | Storage Solutions | 0 Comments

Before we get started on storage bins and containers, I’d like to mention that I do not suggest bins to store clothes, bedding, linens, etc. They take up valuable real estate space in you home/apartment/condo.

I highly recommend space bag zip locks for these items. However, if you own lots of bins already that you are not using and have the space by all means use them. Save your money!

So now, back to how to select storage bins and containers.

ViewClear containers let you see what and how much is left in a container. storage bins

Shape –  Square or rectangular containers rather than round because they use the least cabinet/shelf space.

Quantity – take stalk of what you would like to store so that you will enough containers. Still not sure how much you will need?

Tip: Take a photo of the space with your smart phone. Sales people can often help when they can see the space you are working with.

Measure – Measure your shelf/cabinet’s height, width & depth so you container will fit. Also measure the largest items you would like to fit into the container to be sure it will fit.

Usability – purchase based on function – not it’s pretty or I might use it

  • Have a plan for each organizing tool you purchase.
  • Have a specific item in mind to be stored when buying the container.

Suggestion: shop with a list of what you are looking for and need.

What not to Buy:
  • Avoid the ‘flip top tote’ bins.
  • These often come on sale for cheap but the lids crack, break and they don’t have any give when you are closing them so everything has to fit perfectly.

storage bins

  • Oversized totes are great for very light items only like tall floral arrangements). Overall, I do not recommend them as they get stuffed full and become too heavy and awkward to move. Buy smaller bins that can store all the like items that belong together. If you are searching for one or two items you are not unpacking an entire bin, hurting yourself or waiting for “someone” to come and help you.


storage bins

  • One client’s daughter packed all the hardcover books from her room into similar storage bins. On move day, when 2 of the movers tried to lift the bin it was much too heavy. Also, it was over the maximum capacity by Ontario labour laws. She had to repack the books in several smaller boxes AND the jumbo bins did not get used for anything.

My point – pack items you are moving and storing into containers that YOU or anyone else can move with relative ease.

Feeling Overwhelmed with the amount of stuff you need to organize and pack away. I can help. We work together to organize all your things and I help you or select the right storage bins on your behalf.


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