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Spring into Home Organization with 4 Easy Steps

by : Mharlos | 20 Jul, 2019 | Home Organization | organizing kids | 0 Comments

Spring into Home Organization to manage the
changing seasons.  And yes, Spring is in the Air!

Spring into Home Organization and get started now. It appears that the winter has truly left us.

It feels so good to start ridding ourselves of all those heavy and excess winter clothes.

But, what to do with all those clothes you no longer need, use or love.

1. Donate or Sell all those winter clothes, shoes and accessories that you are no longer wearing. Put them into clear bags and place them in the trunk of your car or even better on the back seat. This will remind you to drop them at a local charity. High quality pieces can be sold at consignment stores.

Tip: If you have not worn a piece of clothing because it is out of style and you know that design is not coming around for a few decades – out it goes.

If it does not fit and you’re saving it just in case, the same rule applies, purge it.

I’m sure to some I might sound brutal but reality is that life changes and so do our bodies. When the time comes that you can wear a smaller size,you will want new clothes.

Let’s make room in your closets for
those spring clothes you will be wearing soon.

2. Do the same for your children’s clothes, toys and books. If the clothes do not fit and cannot be handed down to younger children in the home they need to go. You can sell good quality children’s clothes and toys.

3. Engage your children in the process when possible.

I met a mom recently who encourages her young children to give away the clothes and toys they no longer wear or play with. She and her husband chose two names – a boys’ and a girls’. They then explained to their children why this little boy and girl would receive their clothes and toys that they had outgrown. It made sense to the children and they felt good as they learned to give to others.

If their closets are jammed full here is a strategy that I like to use.

4. Five Out – Five In. Again, involve your kids as much as possible. Depending upon their age some will be more involved than others. Once the closet has been purged they can select five keeper outfits from their winter clothing and hang them up in the basement or another designated storage space.

Tip: space bags, work great for out
of season clothing, blankets and linens.

They can then select five spring items that fit, are in style, etc. and hang them in their bedroom closet. If clothes need to be placed in drawers, the same process must happen. Purge. Take five items to the storage and bring five new in season items into their bedroom. Chances are if your kids help they will wear the clothes that are in their room. And more likely won’t be asking you to find a clothing item or asking to go shopping

Follow these steps each season. You will find it easier to open your closets and drawers to see what you have to wear.  And most important, it will be less work for YOU!

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