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About Soul Genesis

A Soul Genesis™ reading is like a “Spring Cleaning for the Soul”. It allows us to clean house on many levels in getting rid of the “clutter” that keeps us from seeing things with clarity.

What is Soul Genesis™

Soul Genesis™ is a spiritual wellness system for individuals with a desire to heal mind, body and spirit. It connects the individual with his/her soul’s core essence for the purpose of healing and energetic blockages which hold one back from truly experiencing spiritual wellness and self-discovery.

Soul Genesis™ is non-denominational, does not infringe upon personal beliefs about God and does not interfere with personal devotion to any organized religions. Soul Genesis™ is, quite simply, the application of healing intentions and realigning personal energy fields in order to achieve wellness of mind, body and soul.

Soul Genesis™ is for you if:

  • You feel stuck and you are spinning your wheels
  • You are at a crossroads in your life
  • You feel there is something missing in your life
  • Changes in your life are challenging and need specific guidance and direction
  • Every day seems to be a struggle

A message from your Masters Teachers, Guides and Angels will be given with clearings. To complete this session, you will receive a prayer of hope, nurturing and peace for the soul. If you feel a natural draw to these possibilities, book an appointment.

An audio file will be sent to you of the information revealed and a clearing will be performed.



Pricing includes HST.

Imagine Being Empowered to find Health,
Happiness, Peace, Success and Abundance.

A Soul Genesis™ reading and clearing will:

  • Pinpoint and clear obstacles that have been standing in your way.
  • Validate or offer caution on your current path.
  • Provide insight and clarity on current challenges.
  • Offer peace and comfort amidst the chaos.
  • Freedom to move forward without limitations.
  • Clears debilitating negative energy.
  • Restores balance in relationships.
  • Reveals the core essence of who you truly are.
  • Be infused with a deeper confidence in your talents and abilities
  • Experience moving from suffering to joy
  • Creates amazing pivotal life changes.

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