House and Property Clearings

house and property clearings

House & Property Clearings

About House & Property Clearings

Have you ever walked into a home, business, or a property where things just didn’t feel quite right? You might have even felt afraid or extremely uncomfortable.

If so, then you have naturally and intuitively recognized that houses, apartments, and office spaces are energetic realities. What that means is that our homes and offices hold the energetic residue and memory of everything that has occurred on the land and in that space.

Soul Genesis™ can also detect toxicity within an environment and determine the degree to which it is harmful or healing. Entities, whether they are earth bound spirits, poltergeists or ghosts, are detected and escorted out to astral planes justly earned. A clearing yields a cleansing that far outreaches Feng Shui principles.


A message from your Masters Teachers, Guides and Angels will be given with clearings. To complete this session, you will receive a prayer of hope, nurturing and peace for the soul. If you feel a natural draw to these possibilities, book an appointment.

An audio file will be sent to you of the information revealed and a clearing will be performed.



Pricing includes HST.

Soul Genesis™ is also helpful if
you are selling your home or property.

A House and Property Clearings might be for you if:

  • You feel yourself becoming energetically sensitive to the place where you are living or working.
  • The space just doesn’t feel quite “right”.
  • You have just moved in and want to clear the energies of previous residents.
  • You are wanting to sell your property and having difficulty.

For these reasons or your own personal reasons, doing a house and property clearings and realignment can make a big difference.

Working within the Akashic Records, I will clear and realign the property.  I then provide a 30-minute phone or Skype reading in order to provide you with all of the information that I found about your property. I share what clearings were performed, and recommendations that will help you with your Home Staging or Home Organization project.

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