Simple Laundry Room Solutions


Finding easy Laundry Room Solutions can often be challenging. In a perfect world we would all have designer laundry rooms like you see in the home magazines.

But for today…

Laundry rooms are often in the entrance way through the garage where little space is provided to actually deal with the laundry once its dried. Or it’s in the basement far away from your bedrooms and bathrooms where most of the laundry comes from or is stored. And in some homes, it’s in a closet. Either way the function to actually deal with the laundry once its dried is not great in most homes.


A Simple yet Effective Solution.


The InstaHANGER is a great addition to laundry room solutions. It helps you to get things hung up immediately after they come out of the dryer or for those items that need to air dry. I actually saw one in a client’s home and was able to see how easily and effectively it worked. As well, it stores away easily if you use the over the door option or it just folds down and sticks out on the wall about one inch when not in use.

It makes hanging up clothes very easy. And furthermore, it makes it easy for family members to grab and put away their clothes in their closets.



Unsure How to Make Your Home Function

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