Shoe Organizing Solutions


Organizing all those Shoes

3 Shoe Organizing Solutions:

1. Clear Shoe Boxes – clear shoe boxes are inexpensive to buy and when you no longer need them or so many of them, they can be re-purposed. Store make-up, crafts, sewing supplies, crayons, jewelry, accessories, Lego, and small tools. Almost anything that you need or want to store. They are a good investment that can be used for a long time.

shoe organizing

2. Old Liquor Boxes – If you enjoy creating things you can use  wall paper or gift wrap to decorate this box below. Boxes can be picked up at your local LCBO.


shoe organizing


Short on Space. Another great shoe organizing solution.
And again, another flexible solution.


3. Over the Door Plastic Hanger – The over the door plastic shoe rack allows you to see everything. And they can be used for other rooms as well. I.E the bathroom – Q-tips, cotton balls, hair dryer and more.


shoe organizing


Think outside the box on how to use these throughout your home. Great suggestions for college/university dorms, apartments and retirement homes.


Happy Organizing!

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