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Shoe Organizing Solutions for all those Shoes

Organizing all those Shoes is easier than you think.

And please do not toss and pile them into a closet and close the doors. Piling, and squeezing your shoes into the closet will not make them last longer. Therefore, Out of sight out of mind is not a good solution here.


Here are 3 Shoe Organizing Solutions to help you:


  1. Clear Shoe Boxes. Clear shoe boxes are inexpensive to buy and when you no longer need them or so many of them, they can be re-purposed. Almost for anything including, make-up, crafts, sewing supplies, crayons, jewelry, accessories, Lego, and small tools. Just about anything that you need or want to store away. Therefore a good investment that can be used for a long time.shoe organizing solutions
  1. Old Liquor Boxes. If you or your children enjoy creating things you can use old wall paper or gift wrap to decorate this box below. You can pick these up at your local LCBO store.shoe organizing solutions
    And lastly the, 
  1. Over the Door Plastic Hanger. This over the door plastic shoe rack allows you to see what is in them. Again, they too are a multipurpose organizing solutions. As a result, they can be used in other spaces like the bathroom for Q-tips, cotton balls, make-up, hair dryer plus much more.shoe organizing solutions

Also, they are great for small spaces like the cottage, college/university dorm rooms, retirement residences and condos for a minimalist lifestyle.


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