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Say NO to Garage Sales – Online Selling is Here

by : Mharlos | 10 May, 2021 | Online Sales | Selling | 1 Comments

Say no to garage sales. Garage sales are hard work, exhausting , time consuming, overwhelming and, BRING YOU LITTLE MONEY.

With the current pandemic we are having to say no to garage sales. However, people are getting creative about selling things online. Consequently, making more money than any garage sale would ever bring in.

Garage sales may never return and it appears that online selling and shopping are here to stay. I’m teaching my clients how to sell on Kijiji, Poshmark, Facebook Market Place, Varagesale and more. Depending upon what you are selling there is a site for everything.

Sell clothes on Poshmark, create an ad on Facebook Marketplace and share it across social media groups to maximize your exposure. List vehicles, ATV’s and motorcycles on Autotrader and if you have a house full of items that you won’t be taking with you when you move my favourite is MaxSold. See all that you can sell here. 

I love curbside pickup.

In fact, selling used items online is easier than ever.

People might ask for a few more photos or have more questions upfront but when they come to pick up the item(s) they have already checked them out and it’s all just a formality at that point.

Most people will want to pay by e-transfer. So, set up the automatic deposit into your account. There are no more security questions or answers required so no chance of an error or delays. And, when it’s done automatically you will receive a notification of the deposit and when this is set up, the purchaser cannot cancel the transaction before its accepted. If you don’t have automatic deposit set up be sure that you have manually deposited the money into your account before the sale items leave your property.

I sold a couch recently and it was placed at the front of the garage.

At pickup, I wore a mask, opened the door, stood back and the buyer lifted it into his truck. I took a non-refundable deposit to hold the couch and on the pickup day the balance was auto deposited into my account before he arrived on my property. And, only after the sale and pickup are complete do I mark the item as sold.

I’ve sold other items that were cash deals. The deals are complete before the pickup – no negotiations or changing the price. Provide lots of details, photos and take the time to answer questions truthfully. I re-state my expectations to the buyer and I have had no challenges with any sales. Do your research to see what similar items are selling for and price accordingly. And, if I want the item to move quicker I list it at a lower price. I have had great success and see many others doing the same.

Use a common sense approach to safety all around and price your items so that they will move. My husband was in the house and I had him on speed dial just in case. I’ve even kept a friend on the phone with me when I’ve accepted parcels…just saying. Stay Safe in all ways!

So, say no to garage sales and save yourself loads of grief.


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