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Spring into Organization


Already the spring clothes are appearing in the stores. And new updated technology is appearing frequently. Upgraded phones, tablets and all kinds of gadgets for every area of organization in your life. And you love to have all the new and updated. But what to do with all the outdated stuff that you no longer need, use or love. Generally, the 80/20 rule applies. 20% of what we wear and own we use 80% or the time.


Spring Organization – Take Action
Buy something new, let something go.


Apply the following to everything requiring organization in your home, including the basement, garage, storage spaces and your office whether it’s in your house or in a work place.

This goes for everything in including toys, books, DVD’s, PAPER, perhaps even towels and blankets. If you have too many or ones that you are not using pass them along to a new home. 

Follow One In – One Out for all your organization needs. And do it for everything – plastics in the kitchen, dishes, cleaning products…yes cleaning products. If you bought one and you don’t like it or its not doing the job…out it goes.

And, all those gifts that you received that you will never use…


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