Re-Purpose Items in your Home Organization


Home Organization Tip of the Week

During your home organization project you will find containers that can be used to store items in other spaces or rooms. Situations change. You might not think that you need that item anymore and that it doesn’t have a purpose or is just useless. And it may just be the case.

But first, take a look around your home to see where you might use those items before tossing them and then needing to shop for new containers. You will be surprised at what you have on hand that is quite useful. Re-use all that you can, be kind to the earth and to your budget.

The sky is the limit, the possibilities are endless on what you can re-purpose in your home.

BUT, do remember, this does not give you permission to keep extra containers from your home organization project in your home just because they might be useful ‘one day.’

Here are three suggestions:

1.  Spaghetti jars– use for sugar, coffee, powder or liquid soap.

2. Toilet paper rolls – great for extension cords and electronics cable organizers.




3.  Decorator boxes with lids-store Cd’s/DVD’s, home
photos, small toys or to hide the remotes
when company is coming.
These can double as décor on a shelf in the
family room, on the coffee table or in bedrooms.

The possibilities are endless for how you can re-purpose items in your home. Just remember don’t keep EVERYTHING for the just in I might need it.



Happy Organizing!

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