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Pre-Christmas Purge Makes Decorating Easy!

by : Mharlos | 23 Jul, 2019 | Christmas | Home Organization | 0 Comments

You’re filled with the spirit of Christmas!

It’s time to decorate and turn your home into a magical place – Right?

Hold on…

Put on the brakes and lets get serious about how many Christmas Decorations you have.

Do you need, use and love all that you own?

Here are 3 Christmas Organizing Tips to Help You:

1. Take an inventory before you shop for new decorations for your home and tree. Pull out the ones that you have now. You might be pleasantly surprised at the beautiful pieces you have forgotten over the past year.

2. Save yourself some time and money by browsing at home before you go out to shop for more.

When you come across items that you won’t use this year or ever again – and be brutally honest with yourself by asking,

  • When was the last time I used this?
  • How many of the same things do I really need to have?
  • And do the same with clothes that you haven’t been wearing.
  • Are they still even in style?   or
  • Do I really like this

If you’ve moved on,
let it go to a new home for someone else to enjoy!

3. Give those items away. Drop them at a local charity. ‘Tis the season where people are shopping and these are great items for Charities to sell now.

Don’t wait until after the holidays to do this. Yes, you might have more to give away but it’s no longer the charities’ peak Christmas sales season. This is an opportunity for you to give those valuable pieces away now. ‘Tis the season for giving – so do a Pre-Christmas purge and let someone else enjoy your treasures that you no longer need, use or love.

Some charities will not accept Christmas items after the holidays. They do not have the extra storage space. Time Saving Hint: Give your local charity a quick call to see what items they are looking for and when they will and will not take them.

Clear out some of the old stuff. Such as things you don’t like, bought on a whim or were gifts you’ll never use. You will feel liberated and you will enjoy your holiday so much more knowing that you will not have to look at or deal with those items when it comes time to take the tree down and return everything to its proper space.

Feeling you still need a little boost to
help with your Pre-Christmas Purge

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