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Plan Ahead for Holiday Shipping

by : Mharlos | 30 Nov, 2020 | Christmas Holiday Delivery | Holiday Shipping Schedule | 0 Comments

Christmas is really just around the corner. And, with COVID19 pandemic getting packages has taken longer. Plan ahead for holiday shipping to ensure that you and your family are not disappointed due to delays and out of stock items.

My husband is an avid cyclist rides inside our home with the use of a smart trainer in the cold months . And, with the increase of cycling and other sports due to the pandemic clothing, accessories and equipment are either delayed or unavailable.

Many electronics like iPads, tablets, phones, etc. are taking longer to ship as well due to demand. Even furniture. My client had to wait 5 weeks for a twin bed for her new retirement suite. And couches from most companies are not available for delivery now until mid to late January.

So, if you are ordering anything for Christmas or the holidays whether it’s gifts, decorations or party favours get your order in ASAP.

In general, more packages and mail are shipped during a regular Christmas/Holiday season BUT, there isn’t anything normal about this year or it’s holiday celebrations. So, check the holiday shipping dates below so that you can enjoy the upcoming holiday celebrations.

Easy Ship provides information for Canada Post, FedEx, Canpar and Purolator

More Details on domestic and International service for Canada Post here.

And lastly, UPS holiday schedule.

Scroll through their FAQ to get a quote
and estimated delivery dates for your packages.

Plan, prepare and Enjoy this Holiday Season.


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