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Photo Organizing  – What to do with the collections of photos of your family, years of celebrations, vacation pictures and more.

If you’re over the age of 30, likely you have at least a few and maybe even a dozen boxes filled with old photos and photo albums.

Even more, you are probably feeling overwhelmed with this process and wondering where to even start.

6 Photo Organizing Steps to Help You:


Pace yourself
It doesn’t all have to be done in a day. Plan to do 1-2 hours at a time. Set the photos out in a space where they can remain for a few weeks.

Develop a Plan
Leave your old photo albums until the end. Start with your lose photos.

First, decide how you will organize the photos. I suggest decades, places or general time frames. Example: Toronto Elementary School 1970-77 or Family photos 1980-89.

  • Create labelled piles to help you remember what each pile is as you go through the sorting process. Shoe boxes and old plastic containers or bins can help you keep photos together. Use a piece of painters tape for labelling – it’s not permanent.
  • Create piles of those places, people and events that you don’t recognize.Someone else in your family may have insight and memories to share about those photos.

Decision Making
You might decide not to keep all the photos. Consider tossing those that are very faded and unrecognizable. If its faded and it’s one you are interested in keeping don’t despair. It’s amazing how photos can be restored with technology. I have one of me with Santa at age 4. I am now able to display it in a picture frame. Even I don’t toss everything out!

  • Toss duplicates that will not be passed along to anyone. Also, toss those ones that you or no one else recognizes.

Rethink Storage
You might be happy to reorganize, pack, label and store your photos in your basement or a closet. No need to spend money on fancy storage boxes, especially when photos have been moved around from person to person and from home to home. However, I do recommend that you organize them in labelled shoe boxes that can be easily moved or ones of similar size – 4 x 6. Consequently, when moving you are a step or 2 ahead. You can pack those boxes right into a larger moving box just as they are.

Digitizing Photos
Depending on your age you may have already entered the digital era – congratulations!

For those of you who have not embraced technology yet with your photo organizing there are simple and affordable options available. You can choose to digitize your photos by burning them to CD’s or USB’s or download to secure online storage.


Do remember,
whatever technology you choose for your photo organizing
you want it to open in the distant future.


I highly recommend secure cloud storage. These sites keep their technology updated. Many have free storage to a limited amount which is usually plenty for the average person. Check out Flickr, Google Photos or Photobucket.


Create beautiful photo books online for gifts for friends and family or as keepsakes just for you.


DIY scanning can be time consuming but doable if you are keen.

For those who just want it done, I have found an affordable solution. In fact, it is the best pricing for the quality I have ever come across.

Check it out

And let me know your thoughts or share any other technologies or solutions you have found in the comments below. I’d love your feedback.

And finally, back to what to do with your very old photo albums.

DO NOT remove the photos from the albums where the magnetic pages were made with acidic glue. Here are 3 tips on how to handle those photos. 


Feeling overwhelmed with your photos and
other home organizing challenges.

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