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School has come to an end for most families now
and many are packing for that family vacation.

Here are some simple, easy packing tips to help you prepare and make your next trip fun for all.

1. Use a packing list.
Make a list. Pack your list and use it on your last day of vacation so you remember to take everything back home with you.

2. For sleepovers on the way to your final destination, pack the clothing you need in one or two suitcases to avoid unloading the entire car.

3. Pack tooth brushes, toiletries, hair supplies, etc. in one case or overnight bag.

4. Take an empty suitcase to put your souvenirs and gifts purchased during your trip.

5. Pack Plastic Bags. If you don’t plan on washing your clothes while you’re away, be sure to pack an empty plastic bag so your dirty items can be kept separate from your clean clothes.

6. First Aid Kit.

Pack one under the front passenger seat of the car.

7. Don’t forget sunglasses, sunscreen, wet naps, blankets, etc.

8. Pack a cooler with bottled water, juices, and individual servings of snacks.

9. Pack an extra bag of just bathing suits, towels, goggles, beach toys. You never know what is going to come up.

10. Planning a Road trip. Do some research and map out interesting routes, roadside attractions, hotels with pools for stopovers. And don’t forget now we have all those wonderful Apps that take us to all the places we desire to go with ease.

11. Bring a road map, visit or use your favourite app to get you to your destination and all the hot spots in between.

12. In Car Activities. A few additions to the electronic games. Over the seat organizers, make activities easily accessible for kids. Pack activities for your child’s age group. Colouring books, crayons, word searches, crosswords. 52 Fun things to do in the car.

Borrow talking books and CD’s from the library. Harry Potter is also available for older kids on CD. This allows you, mom and dad to listen to your own selection of CD’s.

I have organized many activities over the years while working with children and teens.
One thing I’ve learned is to PLAN.” You can never have too many things kids like to do easily available.

So, plan ahead. Keep it Simple. Reduce Stress and

 Enjoy Your Vacation!


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