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Outdoor Living Spaces are Trending

by : Mharlos | 20 Apr, 2021 | Outdoor Living | Patio | 0 Comments

Outdoor living is all the rave these days.

Outdoor living trends have been around for a while now but with the pandemic people are looking to extend their time outdoors where they can entertain guests or just get away from it all in your own home.

Area rugs, comfortable stylish furniture, blankets, cushions, lighting and heat lamps for cooler days/evenings. All are the rave in outdoor living. Making your outdoor space feel as comfy and cozy as your living room is what it’s all about. Lots of surfaces to place phones, tablets, drinks and food.

If you live in apartment, condo or are just short on floor space, treat your patio like you would the inside of your home and think vertical. Hang plants, use the walls for decor or planters, etc. 

And, outdoor entertainment systems – wireless, blue tooth. Lots of choices with a range of prices available.

outdoor living

Choices for lighting can be everything from table top solar to wall sconces wired into your electrical system. The sky really is the limit. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, check out my blog from a few years ago for low budget ideas.

With any product I strongly urge you to read the reviews.
I do it on everything from furniture to skincare and travel.

If I can’t find reviews on a product say at Canadian Tire, I go to Amazon and look up the product. You might not want to buy there or online at all but many of the products you are looking at are sold on Amazon. Consequently, they have the reviews. I use reviews to help me shop with confidence and AVOID returns.

Gas BBQ hookups to your house so you will never run out of fuel during the cooking of a meal. One of the best backyard investments we’ve made.

Comfy seating, decor, outdoor planters plus more. Outdoor kitchens and fireplaces are becoming quite popular too. I have a client with a gorgeous outdoor fireplace. It’s not for everyone but certainly something that is not out of the realm of possibilities.

Loads of ideas available on the web along with photos. You can scale almost anything to your budget. And, if you are a DIY person or have a creative flair with a DIY person in your household you can save some money.

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