organizing your wardrobe

Organizing Your Wardrobe for the Summer

by : Mharlos | 18 Jul, 2019 | closet organization | Closet Organizing | Wardrobe Organization | 0 Comments

Organizing your wardrobe.

Everyone is looking forward to summer. The sun is warmly kissing your skin and you start noticing all the people in the streets. The summer vacation is right around the corner and we are all craving it. And then, the first pool party invite comes along, but you can’t find your swimsuit. It’s probably 10 feet under a pile of winter jackets. Even though they say that in organizing there are no rules, we offer the best solutions on how to organize your wardrobe for the summer.

Divide your clothes by season

While you can organize your closet all at once, you can also divide into piles by season. You probably don’t have enough time to go through all of these steps for the whole closet. For that reason, it might be smart to do all of this only for a specific pile, let’s say the summer season pile.


organizing your wardrobe

Decluttering and organizing your wardrobe will save you time in the future.

Once you decide whether you want to work on the whole wardrobe or just one specific pile, start decluttering your wardrobe. Examine the items one by one and decide on the category.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I wear this often? – Most of the time, we wear only a few items of clothing.
  • Do I really need this? – If you don’t really wear it, maybe it’s time to say goodbye to it.
  • Do I look good wearing this, or I think there will be a time when that will be the case? – Be realistic and answer this one honestly.
  • Does it suit my current style? – How to organize your wardrobe for the summer, if you’re still keeping old clothes that don’t suit you?
Throw Away, Donate or Keep

Once you’ve determined what clothes you’re going to wear, divide the rest into these new categories – throw away, donate or keep.

Throw Away

It can be hard letting go of the clothes that you don’t need. However, keep in mind that the goal is to organize the clothes for the summer. Sometimes, it can provide emotional and mental relief to get rid of the things that don’t serve you. By doing that, you give yourself a clean slate.


Instead of throwing away, you can donate the items of clothes that you no longer want or use. First, it can help someone. Second, it’s good for the environment. There are organizations out there that work on reusing and recycling old clothes, like Value Village.


Clothes that really fit you, flatter you and look fresh belong to this pile. But you must be sure that the items you’ve decided to keep are really the items you’re going to use. As there should be a perfect place for each item of clothing, continue with the process of organizing. Maybe it’s even time for a bedroom organizing too.

Store Your Winter Clothes

Now that you’ve selected your favourite winter clothing, you should store it in a proper way. As items like coats, jackets or sweaters usually take up more space, you can use big cardboard boxes. However, you can also buy professional packing supplies for your belongings, especially if you’re moving. Also, make sure that the items of clothing you store are clean. If they have any dirt or stains on them, that may cause permanent damage if you leave it like that.  Keep in mind that the knit clothes that you hang can stretch out. The best way is to fold these items so that they keep their shape and are ready for the first cold day.

Hangers Can Help You in Organizing Your Wardrobe for the Summer

organizing your wardrobe

The wrong kind of hangers can damage your clothes. 

Now that you’ve given your summer clothes room to breathe, make sure you hang them properly. The right kind of hangers protects the quality of your clothes. Tiered hangers allow you to store multiple items on them. Not only do they save space, but they also allow you to put your favourite combination on one tiered hanger. When you pull the hanger out, the clothes are ready for you to put them on. Useful tip– if you put a shower ring on a hanger, you can hang an accessory or sleeveless top there as well.

Fix and Sew

When it’s time to organize your wardrobe for the summer, it’s also time for fixing and sewing up. If there are holes in your clothes, have them sewn up. Also, if your sneakers or sandals need fixing, do it now. This way, you won’t be unpleasantly surprised when you decide to wear them one day.

Delicate Clothes Need Special Care

In the summer, people usually wear thin clothes that are sensitive. Wrinkly or sheer fabrics require special care. If you don’t do it, they might get torn. So make sure that the hangers won’t damage your delicate clothes or create bumps in shoulder seams. Also, check if the bottom of your dresses is not on the floor of your wardrobe. You should worry about delicate clothes especially if you’re moving. Movers can help you if you need to transport anything, delicate clothes included.

Summer Clothes Need Less Space

Since summer clothes usually mean t-shirts and shorts, maybe you need shelf dividers or bins. Also, you can store some of them in drawers, so you might need a drawer organization for bedrooms.

Summer Accessories

organizing your wardrobe

Summer accessories can take up space. 

While summer clothes are usually smaller, summer accessories are usually not. Use a peg, for example, for large beach bags or straw hats. You can also put smaller bags inside large bags so that they don’t take up space.

Enjoy the Summer!

Now that you know how to organize your wardrobe for the summer, you’re good to go. Now you won’t be late for a pool party or a night out only because you can’t find your shirt or dress. And once you put it on, you can be sure that it is clean and ready. Have fun and enjoy!


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