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When Organizing Small Spaces there are Many Options Available.

When organizing small spaces the creativity and thinking outside the box is unlimited. We see so many things on the web. Type in the Google search bar what you are looking for and you will likely find it. Literally, almost everything is at our finger tips. You might not want to buy online but the web helps you to find what you are looking for and what you may not even know exists. It opens your mind to what is possible for your small space. To get ideas. And most important, to visualize your space. And don’t forget to read the dimensions. Measure your space to see what will fit in it. See what kinds of configurations you can put together.

When I do my searches because I’m looking for the visual, I add photos or pictures to the search terms. 99% of the time Pinterest appears. It is one of my favourite places to see and visit the world.

For today, I will stay with small desks. This one is available at

organizing small spaces

Being as the kids are going back to school, off to college and university and for those working from home and may not have found the right thing yet here is a great article I found from Japan.

It’s for anyone looking to have a quiet workspace for them.
Mom, Dad and for the Person Downsizing.

I cannot find the items for sale anywhere else, at least not yet but, it will open your mind to the possibilities. The article shows several small spaces but my favourite is the fold away desk.


Enjoy Organizing Small Spaces!


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