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Organizing – Small Space Living

by : Mharlos | 19 Jul, 2019 | Organizing Small Spaces | organizing solutions | 2 Comments

Small Space Living

When organizing there are many options available.

You need to decide exactly how you want the space to function. Ask yourself what is the problem I need to solve. Before going out shopping take a look on the worldwide web to help you to see what possibilities are available. Most people need to see or imagine what the space will look like. For some that comes easy but not for others. Doing a google search will help. To see the possibilities just add the word photos, pictures or images along with your topic in the google search bar.  And take measurements of the space – height, width depth. As well, take a photo of the space with your smart phone. Some sales associates can be very helpful in assisting you with your solution once they see the space you are working with.

Here a few examples of organizing – small space living tips for small homes, apartments, retirement or dormitory living.

Living Rooms

Entertainment centers with storage. For small apartments and retirement living an entertainment center provides great function to hold books, a digital photo frame, a plant or 2 and other décor to brighten up the space. Drawers can be used to store almost anything that is required for small space living. There are lots of varieties  to choose from. Some even come with electric fireplaces to warm up a basement apartment during the winter months or take the edge off of a damp space.

small space living

Coffee tables that have additional storage. Some have open space on the bottom for bins. Others have tops that lift to provide additional storage. I have this one which provides storage for blankets and a few other things. The top lifts on one side to allow you to eat or work at the table if you desire. And the other side has a top that can be flipped and functions as a tray to serve coffee or snacks plus a drawer to hide the remotes and such.

small space living


Replace chairs with a bench seating that provides additional storage.

small space living

Add hooks inside the cabinet door under the sink to hold tea towels and cleaning clothes.

small space living

Short on space for pots and pans. Make your wall space work by adding a peg board with hooks to hold utensils and cups as well. Barb in Aurora uses peg boards for pots, crafts, garage tools and more. It’s a favourite space saving and organizing solutionsfor her small home.


Lacking closet space. Armoires come in all sizes with a bar for hanging clothes, to a place to hide the TV and drawers to store  socks, towels and more. I absolutely love this one. Thinking outside the box. The sky is the limit on how you can use these. Remove shelves. Add a bar to hang clothes. And close the doors and voila! Out of sight out of mind.

Beds with drawers for storage come in all sizes now. No longer just for kid’s rooms but not a bad idea if you are thinking of changing your child’s bed in the future.

Flexible Small Space Living Options for any Room.

Nesting tables are great. They store as one but can be pulled out and used as needed to serve coffee, function as a night stand and more.


Wall mounted lights allow extra lighting without having an end table or night stand in the room. Buy ones that swivel so you can direct the light when you need it.

Add a cabinet to your wall that can be used for a variety of purposes. A place to work at with your laptop, store bills, mail or create a craft station. Add a mirror and use it as a vanity. It takes little space and can provide multipurpose functions.

Organizing – small space living can be challenging but not impossible. The sky is truly your limit. Happy Organizing!

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