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Organizing Papers – All that Junk Mail!

by : Mharlos | 23 Jul, 2019 | Business Organization | Office Organization | 1 Comments

Organizing Papers!

When dealing with organizing papers, I often get asked what can I do so that I don’t have piles of paper scattered all around my house. And, how do I deal with it?

“Organizing papers” is a huge topic and if we tackle it all at once even I would be overwhelmed.

So we’re going to start small and with 6 simple steps to help you deal with the mail and how to avoid another paper pile in your home or worse in your home office.


Did you know that over 80% of the paper
that we get on a daily basis can be immediately recycled?


You’ve just collected the mail and it’s a huge pile which is mostly “junk mail.”

Go through mail over the recycling bin. It takes on average approximately 10 minutes to do this simple task in organizing your papers. As a result, it will which save you valuable time later.

Step 1 – Get rid of any inserts, flyers, etc. that you will never use. I do this at my kitchen counter. Only the keeper stuff gets to my office. I have 3 bins under the kitchen sink I use for recycling. I empty them into the blue bins as I take out the kitchen garbage.

And, another credit card application!

Anything with your personal information
goes into a shredding pile.

Step 2 – Magazines like TV Times, Entertainment News, toss in the bin. Unless you actually read them!

Step 3 – Free newspapers no one reads, do the same.
If your family reads any of the above items walk over to where you store them. Quickly gather the old editions and replace them with the new ones. Toss the outdated items into the recycling. 

You would love not to receive those free newspapers – call the company that delivers to your home and asked to be removed from their delivery list.

Step 4 – Open the bills. Paying online – toss the envelopes. Inserts that are not relevant – toss.

Step 5 – Divide the bills into business bills and house bills.

Step 6 – Place them in their appropriate file or tray to be paid.
If you have things like updated insurance documents, etc. place them in the appropriate file or tray for filing.  Replace the outdated wallet size card in your wallet or glove box immediately.

Sorting mail should just take 10 minutes. If you can not commit the time immediately to do the filing, schedule 15 minutes in your calendar to file these items.

This has not answered the entire question of how to deal with the paper overwhelm BUT, it will prevent you from getting more piles of paper and junk mail.

Schedule 15 minutes into your calendar. Follow the above steps and consequently you will easily move through those excess piles in your home or office.

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