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I was organizing a condo yesterday with a client.

I had never met this lady before. Her daughter purchased her a gift certificate at Christmas that she could use at her convenience. We had a chat on the phone about how I might help her and booked a time.

When I arrived, I did a thorough visual inspection – LOL!!! This is the polite professional way of saying I snooped in all her cupboards, closets and vanities.

We decided to start in her kitchen – the hub of most households

As I snooped I found amazing space and function with pot drawers, an over sized pantry and 2 lazy Susan’s!

Something that I have never seen before is a lazy Susan in an upper cabinet like you see in this photo.

When the kitchen was renovated a lazy Susan was placed in the upper corner cabinet. This created an amazingly functional space. Most often this space is host to all kinds of things that are not used often and forgotten.

In this kitchen, the lower shelf is used for spices and as you can see there are items on the top shelf. This is the space where you can place those items you don’t use daily but require quick access. And since the shelves are glass you can see through the bottom as you peer upward – a bonus.

I think this is a wonderfully functional choice. If there is room in your upper corner cabinet you can add one for easy organizing without doing an entire kitchen renovation. As an alternative solution you can add roll outs to existing cabinets at reasonable prices.

You don’t have to break the bank when organizing your kitchen or any other space.

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