Organizing Myths – 2 Most Relevant

Organizing Myth #1: I’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work for me.


In organizing Did you know that the “Number One Reason” people cannot get or stay organized is because they are doing things they learned from someone else’s organizing style?

We have learned what works for others like our mothers, fathers, teachers or even our bosses. They were teaching us and that’s important but it was what they knew and what worked for them.

THEY WERE NOT WRONGthere is no right and wrong in organizing – it was just an organizing style that didn’t work for you!

We might not be able to change everything that is shared with us but change what you can.
Example: Everything is A-Z and it’s the best way – there is no other way.

This is False.

There are 4 styles to choose from: Alphabetical, Numerical, Chronological and Subject.
Alphabetical is the most common but it’s not unheard of for people to combine 2 styles.

What is Your Personal Work Style?
A few questions to consider.

1. How do I remember things – what comes to you naturally?

2. Do I find things more easily when files are colour coded, by first name or company name?

3. Am I detail-oriented? Or Not!


organizingAssess what has worked in the past for you and use those to create your home filing system.

Organizing Myth #2: Procrastination. I’ll do it later…



Often we refer to this or perceive putting things off as Procrastination.

The truth is that it’s more likely that we put it off because we really don’t know how to do it.

Organizing is about you and your life style. Some of it we need to compromise on. When you have children spouses, pets, etc. your homes will never be perfect.

Yes – not perfect! Some of it is learning to let go of what we cannot control.

Some people like to keep of track of everything from the fridge. Your homes are busy, kids have lots going on and this might be your style of handling or managing routines.

Notice that the one board below is on the inside of a closet door – likely the pantry and it can be closed so you don’t have to look at what might feel like visual clutter to you.



If you like this you can buy the white magnet boards that can be cut to size and adhered to the inside of a cupboard door. You can buy it at staples. You decide what works for you.

I actually like this fridge system because it is so orderly and neat.


Stay tuned for more tips from my
Living Organized Home Organization 101 Series


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