Organizing – Lets You Keep Clothes

When Organizing choose a personal colour and only buy clothing in that palette.

Most people look better in some colours than in others. Determine what your best colours are and only buy clothing in those hues.

I’m sure you are thinking what does this have to do with organizing.

This solution allows you to reduce the number of garments in your closet while actually increasing your ward robe’s versatility, because everything goes with everything else. 

So, before you give away the clothes that your really love or worse push them to the back of the closet – give this organizing solution a try!

How do I know what colours are in my palette and best work for me?

Image Connections can help. Karen Dorland is wonderful and offers a variety of services including several online workshops and seminars.

This cure also facilitates shopping – you can bypass everything that isn’t in your personal colour palette.

Just think about all those clothes that you really love but just do not know how to put them together. 


Still feeling overwhelmed with all the clothes in your closet or home


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