Organizing Kitchen Cupboards Simplified


There is help for organizing those awkward corner kitchen cabinets.

Unless you are designing your kitchen during a renovation or paying for the upgrades on a new home build you are highly unlikely to get many functional cabinets in your kitchen. You might be a pantry and a pot drawer or two but those lower awkward corner cabinets…they just suck when it comes organizing.

And some of them are even L-Shaped which means you literally have to crawl inside it to dig out the roast pan, plastics, the plastic lid that has become separated from the bowl…you get it. Poorly designed kitchens leave us with NOT so functional cabinets and often frustrated. Therefore, 


You might even avoid any attempt at organizing this cabinet.


You don’t need to do a renovation or break the bank to get corner cabinets that can be functional. If you are not a DIY person invest in a handyman service to install the unit for you.

Lazy Susan’s can be purchased in big box stores. If you saw my tweet on Rev-A-Shelf recently they have a nifty one plus many other designs.

They have regular cabinets plus great ones for blind corners. Also, they have much more to help make your kitchen functional. You can purchase similar items at your big box hardware stores, but this is a great place to shop for ideas. And, if you are hiring a handyman or contractor have a chat with him as well. He/she may likely have a recommended brand and perhaps can get you a better deal.

Finally, just be open to the process. Measure TWICEShop around and get the best function and best deal for organizing your kitchen.

And it doesn’t have to stop here. There are many solutions for other spaces available as well.


Enjoy Shopping!

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