Organizing Garage Sales: Part One

Organizing Garage Sales are a lot of work but can be very worthwhile.

Organizing garage sales can make room in your life and put money in your pocket.

Follow these first 6 steps to get you prepared:

1.  Date and Time – choose ones that don’t conflict with holidays or any other major events in your area. Piggy back on church sales, bazaars and street sales to maximize your success.

2.  What to Sell – make sure to all clean the items. Broken or unusable – toss it. You can sell anything from clothes and toys to cars and boats. Provided they are in good working condition. I sold my husband’s boat and wasn’t even trying. Consequently, his motorcycle will be sold at the next one coming up soon.

3.  Set Upplace larger items near the end of the driveway or on the lawn, to attract buyers as they drive by. Line all other items along your driveway. Have lots of newsprint and plastic grocery store bags for packing.

4.  Everything must be priced.  Use old labels, masking tape, sheets of paper to price items. Price items based on what they are worth as second-hand items. If your items are collectibles seek out experts who can sell them on your behalf. Contact me for my recommendations.

When Organizing Garage Sales remember that
shoppers EXPECT cheap prices on useful products.


One-third to one-half of the retail price is a good place to start on reasonably new
items (2-5 years). If you are really stuck on setting prices, check out other sales or ask a few friends who are not attached to your stuff. Most garage sale items are priced under $5.00.

5.  Advertise to attract lots of potential buyers. Post flyers the day/night before on community bulletin boards in supermarkets, libraries, community centers. 

Make sure they stand out from the others.
Bright coloured paper. Big Bold lettering.

Use A Headline That Makes People Stop And Read Your Ad


Let the rest of your flyer give the details of your sale.

6.  Place a free ad online at kijiji and don’t forget to promote on Social Media.

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