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Organizing Garage Sales: Part 2

by : Mharlos | 22 Jul, 2019 | Garage Organization | Garage Sales | 2 Comments

Yes, Organizing Garage sales are lots of work.

Follow these Last 5 Steps  and The Worst Is Almost Over.

And Yes, I Do Understand…

When we merged 2 households 20 years ago, like most I packed everything into the moving truck and away we went. It was the May long weekend. The weather was gorgeous. My husband convinced me that I should forget the stuff; it would be there later. And it was – a year later. I suffered that year. But along with a friend we set out to organize a neighbourhood garage sale in our town of Innisfil.

As a result, I made a pile of money!! I dragged out my stuff again on the Sunday and spent a few more hours getting rid of the rest. I said to potential buyers, “make me an offer it’s not coming back into my house.

The last few items were donated to charity.

When this is all done you will be amazed at how liberating it feels to have all that excess stuff out of your home, garage, storage unit, cottage…

So, go make some money and have fun!

1.  Signs – at all major intersections and at both ends of your street. Include arrows, address, time, and date.
They need to be large and bold for drivers to read as they drive along.

2.  Smile – Greet your customers with a smile. Especially those who show up during set up and before you are open. Work your sale. I always say “everything is priced but if you like something you see make me an offer.” I’m brief and then I back off to let them browse.

When organizing garage sales, if you want goods to
move fast, price them cheaply, and be prepared to negotiate.

3.  Float – have a huge float of small coins. People tend to hit the bank machine and need change for 20’s.

Go to the bank the day before, raid the piggy bank; your husband’s pockets (have fun).

4.  End of the Day – If it’s not sold, it goes to charity. Generally, the charities are still open when you are done at 2/3 in the afternoon.

Load up your vehicle or trailer and head over.

5.  Be sure to pick up your signs at the end of the sale.

Your neighbours will appreciate you doing this.


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