Organizing – Elder Care Strategy


Organizing and Aging

You might be wondering what organizing has to do with a long term elder care strategy.

Prior to starting Living Organized I lived in Toronto and worked with seniors in the community. You can say I have pretty much seen it all from healthy older adults living in their own home to retirement communities. And as well, those suffering from diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s and other forms of Dementia in nursing homes as well as other long term care facilities.

In addition to my natural organizing abilities, I bring that experience in gerontology to Living Organized®.

Organizing your Will, Power of Attorney for your Health and Finances are essential to you having your choices met. It’s often referred to as “aging in place.

Organizing and making your choices now will give you greater
control over your independence, quality of life and dignity.

I see a lot of people not putting the essentials in place. And I’m not just talking about my average senior who is 80 years old. I’m talking about those people who are 65 and younger who did not plan for the unexpected.

These are things to think about whether you are 25 and single; 35 with a young family or about to start one; thinking about retirement or retired. It’s never to late to set up the choices that are right for YOU!


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