Organizing – Decorating for the Holidays

by : Mharlos | 22 Jul, 2019 | Christmas | organizing and decorating | 1 Comments

I’m sure for some of you it feels early to be
Organizing – Decorating your home for the holiday season.

Organizing – Decorating go hand in hand. And for many they start organizing and decorating for Christmas soon as Halloween is over.

Here are five Christmas organizing steps to help get you off to a good start this holiday season when organizing – decorating your home.

Step #1 – Shop in your home first. Before going to the stores pull out all those decorations including candles. Whether you have them crammed into hutches, closets, cupboards or organized and labelled in bins or boxes, its almost a year since you saw them and chances are you cannot remember what you have.

Step #2 – Bring them to one location where you can take inventory.
Unpack everything. You might find that you have decorations that you just will not use again or have not used for some time.

Step #3 – Recycle those items. Give them to a local charity. Organizing – decorating can take on a new twist. Invite a group of friends to gather for a few hours over coffee to swap or give away good decorations. “Christmas Shop, Swap & Trade.”

Make it fun and keep it simple.

Anything leftover goes immediately to charityNote: after the holiday is not the time to take Christmas décor to the charities as they do not have the storage space to stock out of season items.

Sentimental items. Some of you will have items that you are not using but just cannot part with. Perhaps you want to pass these onto your children or grandchildren. Safely pack these items into a bin and label it with the child’s name. Over the years, you can keep adding to the bin. Tip – it does not need to be limited to Christmas items!

Step #4 – Re-use existing bins or storage spaces. These are the spaces or bins/boxes you emptied or cleared out earlier.

Step #5 – Collect all the items from the rooms you will be decorating that will not be used in your Christmas displays. If you have enough comfortable space in your home to store your household décor –wonderful!

Most of us do not, so here is what I do. I collect the pieces I’m not using and pack them into the bins I just unpacked. I wrap any fragile items in old towels, tissue, etc. These bins are placed back on the storage shelves.

And now if you still need a few things
for organizing – decorating, you can go shopping.

These steps can be used to plan more than just decorating the tree or your home. Taking inventory and organizing the things in your home and making decisions about what is important to you and your family will help you in de-cluttering your home and your mind in any season.


Feeling overwhelmed about organizing –

decorating your home for the holidays.


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