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Organizing Closets – A Bit Overwhelming

by : Mharlos | 19 Jul, 2019 | Closet Organizing | Home Organization | 3 Comments

The thought of organizing closets for most people just feels a bit overwhelming.

Where did the summer go?  Fall is officially here today in Innisfil but it will be a high of 27 degrees. Therefore, I am wearing and enjoying my summer clothes. I am hanging onto every warm moment I can outdoors. Working, driving with the windows down – I’m taking it all in. Sadly, the change of season is not far off. So back to what must be done next – organizing closets Innisfil.

It’s time to change over your clothes again and to deal with all those things that you no longer need, wear or love. As Marie Kondo has you ask yourself – does it bring you JOY?

Because Your Closet is Organized Does Not Mean
You Don’t Need To Pare Down What You Own.

This past week we had closet racks fall off the wall simply due to too much weight. The clothes were organized, by colour and category. It was just too much weight for the racks. We reinforced the racking but the client had to pare down ¼ of her clothing that she simply was not wearing anymore. We did so for safety reasons.

Her sister in law and best friend came by to take a few things and commented that she had not seen my client wear this one jacket in 20 years. We trusted her word and went to work from there. She gave many pieces away to family and friends.

Here are 8 Easy Tasks to Help You with Organizing Closets Innisfil:

1. If you haven’t worn it in a year, get rid of it. I am always amazed at the amount of clothes I get rid of (and how many I still have) when I do my own closet organizing. I am a minimalist but still have plenty of all the things I need, wear and love.

2. Get a few clear bags for giveaway items, a small bin for rags and a garbage bag – for what might just be garbage.

3. It doesn’t fit. Give it to a local charity or place on consignment.

4. Out of fashion. You are saving it for when the style comes back – don’t. It won’t happen for a few decades – let it go!

5. You don’t like it. Purge It!

6. It’s stained but you really like it. Spend some time this week on getting the stain out. If it doesn’t come clean – out it goes.

7. It’s ripped or torn. Repair it if possible otherwise say goodbye!

8. It’s a wear once outfit. If you have a wedding gown, prom dress or other wear once outfit in any closet – you have an emotional decision to make. If you can bare to part with these items take them to a consignment shop, sellonline or have a seamstress alter and create a new outfit.

For other clothes donate to a local charity.

And for children’s clothes and toys visit Once Upon a Child.


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