Organizing Challenges – Time Management

Organizing Challenges – Time Management

by : Mharlos | 21 Jul, 2019 | Organizing | organizing challenges | 0 Comments

Let’s talk about Organizing Challenges – Time Management. This will be addressed here as well as in my next newsletter… to make it less overwhelming.

1. Admit multitasking is bad.

  • Multitasking is a myth. It is not possible for the human brain to do 2 things at a time.
  • A better definition for multitasking is Switch Tasking.
  • Switch tasking is going back and forth from one task to another.

When information doesn’t make it into short-term memory, it can’t be transferred into long-term memory for recall later.

If you can’t recall it, you can’t use it.  And, presumably, you are trying to learn something from whatever you are doing. Right?

A 2010, Harvard review stated that multitasking leads to as much as a 40% drop in productivity, increased stress, and a 10% drop IQ.

  • People who multitask are less productive/efficient than those who simply concentrate on one project a time.
  • We don’t actually “multitask” because our brain switches rapidly between handling one task and then another.
  • Simplify your life and your tasks.

You’re not super woman or superman. Prioritize what you must do and get the other things off you list by deciding that they truly are not important or delegate them to someone else.

Do fewer things — better.

2.  Do the most important thing first.

  • When you sit down to work in the morning, before you check any email, spend an hour on the most important thing on your to-do list.

This is a great idea because even if you can’t get the whole thing done in an hour, you’ll be much more likely to go back to it once you’ve started. And remember, we have access to our schedule and to do list via the cloud.

Those who use the cloud take advantage of this opportunity to work on this task or get others done more easily. i.e. I have a blue tooth and I have my phone set up with Siri. I return calls for business and personal while driving to and from business activities daily. It saves me from physically having to go into my office after a very long day.

And most importantly,
I can now enjoy my time at home with fewer distractions.

3. Organize your to-do list every day.

  • Prior to the end of your work day you will prepare for the next morning.
  • Write or type a list with all the Projects you need to work on the next day.

4. Make it easy to get started.

  • Break your projects into chunks, so you’re not overwhelmed by them.

It might only take you 2-5minutes to complete. You leave the office that day knowing clear in your mind what you will be doing tomorrow.


We don’t have problems finishing projects,
we have problems starting them.


Schedule everything into your day timer.

Everything…your entire life!


You need to schedule your entire life into one schedule whether it’s on paper, a PDA or Smartphone

All in One Place.

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