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Organizing Challenges – Step One – Email

by : Mharlos | 21 Jul, 2019 | organizing challenges | 0 Comments

6 organizing challenges at work and home. Over the next few months I will be sharing tips and solutions from a conference where I addressed these organizing challenges.

Are you making the grade in Email Management?

When I worked a regular day job I did not give out my work email to my friends. In my business I make time to take care of personal email outside business hours.

1. Set up separate business and personal email accounts. 

  • Keeping friends, family and jokes separate
    helps to avoid distractions.
  • Social media has become a huge part of our life and business. Unless I schedule specific time in during my office hours to work on social media and that means that I’m sending out my newsletter, responding to business notifications and partaking in relevant and valuable group discussions, I hang out on social media with friends and family outside of my productive hours.


2. Too many emails from Social Media

  • Change your settings and schedule a time to deal with messages on the various sites.


3. Schedule a consistent time each day to answer emails.

  • Don’t read and answer all the emails,



4. Take action on all of them.

  • Create folders for specific clients, associations, projects, for items to read later, newsletters or things to follow up on.


5. Do not leave the message in your inbox.

  • Move it to its appropriate folder.


6. Schedule time in your calendar to deal with each individual folder or project.

            Tip: set an alarm. 

7. Do not check your email all day long or on demand. Turn off the notifications and the sound. You can easily turn them back on when you have your work completed.

The Key is to Minimize Distractions.

Doing this will:

  • increase your productivity
  • increase your efficiency and
  • reduce your stress.

Create an effective system for timely follow up.

If you must respond to email more often throughout your business day do it each quarter of the day – schedule the time just to take care of those emails without disruption.

Stayed tuned for more how solutions
to organizing challenges from the

Living Organized® 101 Series


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