One a Day Clutter Clearing Method

If decluttering feels overwhelming keep it simple with this clutter clearing method.

Get rid of just one thing you don’t need each day.

Toss out an old make up container that has expired or you are no longer using. Toss just one item that has expired in your kitchen.

You can walk through each room and select one item daily that you no longer love, use or need.

Include home décor, old picture frames, old hair brushes, towels (charity for people or pets), party platters, dishes, pots pans. And don’t stop there if you have tools you will never use…well you know get it.

  • Toss
  • Recycle
  • Sell
  • Donate

Let it go to someone else who will enjoy it.


Start a box for charity – label it. And if it’s going to a friend label that for him/her. When the box is full place it in your car to drop of the next time you are out on errands. But don’t stop with one box or bag…keep going.


Feeling Overwhelmed – Just Want it Done

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