Moving Seniors into Smaller Homes

The moving process is well underway once the downsizing and home staging are complete.

An offer has arrived and the closing date will be upon us quickly. In 5 weeks my client will be moving and set up in her new condo.

7 Steps in Coordinating the Moving Process:

1. Arrange quotes from the movers and help the homeowners choose the company best suited for their move.

2. Book the move date(s). Yes some moves require 2 days to load & unload. Recommended: book your move date ASAP.

Tip: when moving to a condo or apartment building know exactly what time and the length of time you will have the service elevator. You might only have a 4 hour window. That might be plenty of time.

BUT, what time will the movers and professional organizer(s) need to be at your current home to pack the truck and arrive at the new location to take full advantage of that window of opportunity.

Most of all, I strongly urge you to get the elevator booking time in writing i.e. via email.

During a move the elevator was booked 4 weeks in advance and upon arrival found that 2 contractors were using the elevator. The contractors were nasty to the movers who politely walked away and shared the facts with the home owner and myself. I was able to contact the property manager and request that he retain the elevator on my client’s behalf.

3. Arrange dispersal of contents – give to family, donate or sell.

Before the home closes all the belongings the homeowners no longer desires will most often be sold via an online auction.

Items you can sell may include and are not exclusive to: antiques, silver, dishes, china, decor, linens, tables, chairs, bedroom, living room and dining room suites, TV’s and electronics, appliances (big and small), exercise equipment, bicycles, snow blowers-even vehicles, motorcycles and other grown up toys.

You can sell with a traditional auction house, kijiji, craigslist, etc. There are many options available to you. The choices depend upon your situation and personal desires.

4. Arrange for a move out cleaning of your Sold home.

5.  Pack the contents of the home.

When packing up the house I double check any last minute changes to those belongings to be packed.  Only those things that you need, use and love will be moved to your new home. Those items no longer required will be taken to a local charity and/or set aside to be sold.

6.  Coordinate the move day.  As the professional organizer, I understand and know the needs of the homeowner and their family. I direct the move accordingly in a coordinated effort with the movers.

What a happy client shared

“I must tell you what an incredible help you were to me during the most stressful move I have experienced in my life-history of buying and selling eight separate homes.

Not only was I leaving a home that my late wife and I had established together, but I was going to a new, smaller, and for the first time, a rented property. This meant that decisions about what to take, and what to leave behind were paramount. You’re detached, but at the same time, compassionate opinions during that process were invaluable, and most welcome.

Thank you very much for your professional approach to this massive task.” Cliff Cassidy, Cornwall, Ontario

7.  Finally, unpack and setup the new home.

The stress of a move can be over whelming to anyone.

A professional organizer works on your behalf
to handle
all those little things that might arise,
providing you with peace of mind.

And lastly, setup at your new home. Yes, we will make your current home move in ready for the new home owners. We will also make your new home live-in ready for you!

And finally, we remove and recycle all unpacked boxes and packing materials.


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Happy Moving!


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