Moving Seniors – Part Two

In moving seniors there are many decisions that are often difficult for the older person and their family.

Tip: the following suggestions are not just for moving seniors but can be used for anyone preparing for a move – even you!

6. Help sort. Often seniors tend to keep things they don’t necessarily need or will ever use. Be gentle when suggesting to get rid of possessions. Ask them if they use the item. If not, ask if they would mind if you donate it. If it’s a treasure or something they’d like to keep but the new space can’t accommodate it, suggest keeping it in the family. It’s often easier to give away items if they are going to a good home. And do remember, that there are a lot of valuable items that can be sold in your parent’s home.

7. Be patient. Allow your parents time to say goodbye. If they take longer to clean out the desk drawer because of a stack of pictures they found, let them take the time to remember. This is a very important part of the moving seniors process. Be patient. Listen to their stories.

8. Get them involved. If you have access to the new home, take your parents there, introduce them to the new space. Do this on their own time, when they’re ready. Let them tell you how they’d like it to look and make a plan to prepare the space accordingly.

Take pictures of the inside of their home.

9. As close as possible, try to place objects in a similar way so that their new home will feel very much like the old one, if this is their wish and if the space will accommodate. Be as detailed as you can from arranging the bedroom furniture to placing the family pictures on the bureau. This will help make the new place feel like home.

10. Obtain a room layout of their new place. Find out before you move, how much space the new place has. Together with your parents you can decide what will fit and how much can be kept. Especially important if your parents are moving from a three bedroom house to a one bedroom condo. Keep furnishings they love in the family or find a home where they will be enjoyed. Letting go is often a little easier when you know that it’s going to a good home. And as a result of an auction you can make some money to offset moving expenses.

If you’re finding things challenging it often helps to have a third party. Find someone who is not attached emotionally to your parent and/or their things.

Ask a friend or
Hire Outside Help.

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