Moving Seniors / Helping Seniors Stay in their Home

Moving seniors or helping them to stay in their family home can be a difficult and even a challenging process for some.

Moving seniors to a new home sometimes becomes a necessity. There does a time when living in a large home is no longer safe. However, there are many options to make a home safe and very livable for an individual who wishes to remain there. Renovations including walk in showers and baths, grab bars, wider doorways, chair lifts and more are available. And for some of these your loved one can receive a grant or tax incentive to help with the costs.

Plus the in-home care services available so a loved one can remain in the comfort of their family home with all their memories and treasures.

When moving seniors the memories and treasures are most often the hardest for people to leave behind. When decisions are left to the last minute they do not always get their wish of who gets it or how it’s disposed. And, making these decisions sooner rather than later will prevent upset not only for the parent(s) but for the children.

I was hired recently by 2 sisters to work on behalf of their 91 year old mother. Although the daughters were paying, I met with their mother and together she and I created a plan that worked for her. The daughters were pleased about this. They loved their mother and did not want to spend time struggling through the process as she tried once again to send more items to their homes.

I kept her on track helping her to make the decisions necessary to find new homes for her many treasures.

The one daughter picked her mother up and drove her to her new home a few days prior to the movers arriving.

That allowed me the time to manage
the rest of the project
per her wishes.

Throughout the project items were:

1. Identified, marked and packed for the children and grand children.
2. Photographed, inventoried and packed for the auctioneer to pick up.
3. Delivered to 2 local charities of the client’s choice.
4. Packed and labeled for the moving company to deliver to her retirement home, one daughter’s home and to one grandson’s home.
5. All the garbage and recycling was cleared out. And lastly,
The home was secured and keys delivered to the lawyer.

In speaking with seniors groups I encourage them to take charge of the situation now. To make decisions of what to do with all their “stuff” they can’t take with them to a smaller home or retirement living.

Short tasks that can be completed easily i.e. paring down the kitchen drawers, cupboards and closets. Pass family heirlooms on that they currently are not using or displaying in their homes. Or write down who gets each item – preferably in a will.

If the children do not want or have the space for these treasures – I recommend selling the items. The money can be gifted to the children, if so desired.

So when your parent or loved one says that they want to stay in their home…please respect their wishes and consider the above options to keep them in their as long as possible.

Life is too short to struggle with loved ones about where they should live and when they should leave their home. We all know that decades pass us by in just the blink of an eye. Enjoy the time with your parent(s) or loved one in whatever the situation is right now.


We can deal with all the “stuff” after they
are safely in their new and smaller residence.



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