Moving Seniors – 10 Tips – Part Two

Moving seniors, parents or any loved one can be difficult, stressful and let’s be perfectly honest – extremely overwhelming.

Whether it’s a smaller house or condo, retirement or nursing home there are many considerations when moving seniors.

Here are the last 5 tips to help you:

5. Pick a room that has less sentimental attachment. Have your parents start sorting through the bathroom or kitchen drawers; a place in the house that doesn’t hold the same emotional attachment as the bedroom or living room or a photo box kept in the attic.

6. Plan the move. Allow enough time that your parents don’t feel rushed. Sorting through years of stuff is difficult and sometimes emotionally painful. Give them time to absorb the change.

7. Be patient. Allow your parents time to say goodbye. If they take longer to clean out the desk drawer because of a stack of pictures they found, let them take the time to remember. This is a very important part of the process. Be patient. Listen to their stories.

8. Get them involved. If you have access to the new home, take your parents or loved one there and introduce them to the new space. Do this on their own time, when they’re ready. Let them tell you how they’d like it to look and make a plan to prepare the space accordingly.

A few years ago I went through a downsizing process with 90 year old Beth who had lived in her home for the past 30 years. She selected the furnishings, pictures, décor and clothing she wanted. As well as a few precious treasures that she loved and had space for in her small retirement suite.

Together we created a floor plan for her new home.

She directed how she wanted the rest of her personal affects dispersed. Once the decisions were made we moved Beth into her new home and returned to the house to prepare it for sale and carry out her wishes. The rest of the household items were dispersed to family, her local church garage sale and auction. The task at hand was a large under taking but went quickly and smoothly once the plan was in place.

Beth could relax in her new home
without the stress of enduring the process
as my team and I went to work.

Once the work was completed including all garbage and recycling removed, property maintenance, a thorough cleaning inside and the home staged, I had Beth’s niece bring her back for one last visit and to say good bye to the home she loved so much.

9. Always have a Moving Day Survival Kit

Labels items and pack into your personal vehicle so you can access them easily:

Keys to new home
Medicines – approximately 3 days’ worth
Chequebook and/or cash
• Telephone/Cellular Phone & Charger
Phone Numbers to Moving Company and to the Truck Driver
• Bathroom basics
• Tool kit
Box cutter and scissors
• Plastic garbage bags
Light bulbs – pack various sizes
• Kitchen basics
• Cleaning basics
Flashlight with new batteries
• Extra eye glasses
Change of clothes

10. Hire outside help. It’s easier for your parents to work with an outside party. Someone who specializes in moving seniors, offering comfort both to your parents and the rest of the family.

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