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Moving Or Making Space in Your Home?

by : Mharlos | 22 Jul, 2019 | Downsizing and Moving | Moving | 0 Comments

Moving or Making Space

Are you thinking about moving or making space Bradford in your home? Let’s make room in your life!

Joe moved to his new home almost a year ago. And like many people thought that everything would fit into the house. Yes, he pared down his possessions and filled a disposal bin before moving. But it still was not enough. Joe lost his wife the year prior to the move and he was having a tough time letting go of her possessions including her clothing.

Joe knew he needed help. A friend passed along my card and he made the call. He had enough of things just not fitting in spaces and all the visual clutter was overwhelming.

I met Joe to discuss a plan of action to organize closets in the home, organize the garage, the laundry room. And finally, to unpack the last 25 boxes. Approximately 20 hours for this project.

Joe was reluctant to let things go at first but even the first day he donated several boxes and bags of great items to a local charity.

I utilized space bags to organize all his excess linens and bedding. Everything that was overflowing from the closets were now on the shelves in the closets with room to spare. Joe was pleased. He didn’t have to get rid of everything extra, especially since he wasn’t quite ready to push himself that far.

But he was a trooper and forward we went. Items were marked for the kids (very few items since they didn’t want any of it). Other items like furniture, pictures, crystal, sterling silver, home décor and much more were designated to go to a local auction.

And Joe himself delivered several bags
of his wife’s beautiful quality clothing to charity.

Joe’s son is a carpenter and will build him an area that will function as his workshop for small hand tools in the garage. So all those items have been sorted and placed together.

Now, the auction items just need to go to out and that will be very soon. Joe is excited about his space. He has designated one wall to hang rakes, shovels, etc. Joe and I are getting along quite well. He felt that he could share with me that he’d like to fit a 2nd car in the garage. Joe is ready to move forward with his life and to make room in his new home for that special lady. He hasn’t found her yet BUT he’s making room for her.

So what would you like to make room for in your life?

It might not be a special someone but it could be a new piece of furniture, a room just to hang out in, a craft room or just to fit in a few new clothes in your closet.

Moving or making space Bradford – we have the solutions to help you.

Perhaps a child has grown up and left home. You might have a spare room that you’d like to turn into that extra space for you or someone else in the home. You might not clear out the entire bedroom. It can still be used as a guest bedroom but removing a few of the items that are not needed you can make room to add those things that you will enjoy.

Whatever it is that you want to make room for, you will need to take out those items that no longer serve a purpose in your current life. Doing that will allow for those new items or people to find their way in.

To start, ask yourself what is in my home that I no longer need, use or love? 

Let’s make room in your life!


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