Moving to a new Home…anywhere

Last spring, I coordinated moving a client from her country home to an apartment for a short term living arrangement.

Her husband Dan had passed away just 6 weeks prior. They were in the process of deciding where they were moving to. They hadn’t chosen a place yet but knew they could no longer remain in their country home.

Over the course of a year we downsized Jen and Dan’s country home. They released so much. Rather than an auction that would make them money the saleable items were donated to support their church’s garage sale and auction. Craft supplies were provided for the church’s summer camp program.

We found Jen an apartment she liked in a convenient location in Barrie. Close to amenities but just for the interim while she figured what her next steps would be.

Her one-bedroom apartment was crammed. She was keeping the things that she used, needed and loved. We even rented a storage locker to keep some of those items. But of course, only for a short -term.

Six months later we started to look at condos in Barrie. I created floor plans to see what would fit of those things she desired to keep. She loved Barrie and her friends were mostly here but now that she was windowed her family wanted her to be near them.

A 2-bedroom condo with a den was found in Pickering that checked most of the boxes important to her. It was close to everything. In fact, she could walk to the mall, library and just across the street to the rec centre. And just a 10-minute drive for family members.

We packed everything else at her request and had the movers load it into the moving truck. We didn’t pare down much.


Her freezer and portable dishwasher went to family.


She wanted to see what would fit and would revisit some of those questionable kitchen items once in her new condo.

Note: this is not the norm for my moving services. I work with clients to make decisions on what to keep and what to let go. This saves you money on packing, moving, unpacking and disposing of items later.

So, my team and I went in and unpacked and set up her condo. We left the kitchen to last. This was the room with the majority of those questionable items. We placed everything as she had it in the apartment including all the things she loved.

Questionable kitchen items were placed on dining the table, coffee table and other surfaces for her to see easily. I then asked her to come to see what we had done and what was left.

We added a few items and swapped out a few others. Many boxes were packed and donated to a local charity just a few blocks away. Jen released all of these items easily. She has decided that she doesn’t need so much stuff. Jen is looking forward to spending with her time with family, friends and travelling.

Again, I do not recommend this approach of packing it all. But It made Jen happy. And her happiness is important to me.

In this case it reduced her stress of not having to make even more decisions in Barrie. She gave up so many things after Dan passed away and even in the year prior to that.


She was grieving lots of loss so we packed it all.


It all ended well. She was in her new home with a place for everything and everything in its place.

Jen connected with 2 girl friends that she lost touch with when she moved to Barrie. They found her Facebook. And, they live in a nearby neighbourhood. Jen was thrilled to re-connect with them after all these years. And to show off her newly set-up home. 

I truly believe the universe has a way of working everything out!


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