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Moving – Feeling Anxious & Overwhelmed?

by : Mharlos | 20 Jul, 2019 | Moving | Moving Seniors | 0 Comments

Moving – feeling anxious and just don’t know where to start.

Moving Newmarket Strategies to help you. Whether you have lived in your home for 2 years or 50 years there are moving strategies to help simplify the process and reduce the amount of anxiety and overwhelm that comes with moving.

5 Steps to get you started:

1. Make a List of the things you can’t live without. Don’t judge anything on your list by thoughts such as, I don’t know if I will have enough room for it; the kids say I don’t need it. Create the list and don’t even prioritize it yet. Just write down all the things that you do not want to give up, regardless if you don’t love, need or even use them. Add everything you can think of no matter the size or cost. Don’t forget all those sentimental little things.

2. Get a feel for your new space. If you know where you are moving to this is a great 2nd step. Get a floor plan of your new home. Retirement or nursing home staff will be able to provide you with one. Also, condo managers usually have the floor plans with the dimensions of the space including the locker room. If you hire a professional move planner, they will take care of all these details for you.

Moving Newmarket- feeling anxious about your move to a new home. Ask your real estate agent about a visit to go in and measure the space.

When sketching your own floor plan be sure to measure and sketch in the doors, and windows. Write all the dimensions and room details onto the floor plan.

Take a few photos as well.
This will help you to visualize what will fit in the space.

3. Go back to your list. Measure your furniture that you want to take and see if it will fit into the space. If not, it’s best you know now so you can make alternative arrangements. Any new furniture you buy should be delivered to your new home.

Continue looking through your list to see what else fits, such as sofa tables, end tables, bookcases. Add the lamps that you like that will fit with those pieces. Consider pieces that can double as storage space as well i.e. coffee tables or end tables with drawers.

4. Start thinning out your belongings prior to moving. Working through your list and knowing what space you have to work with will help you with this task. For all those items that you do not want to take with you and are not needed for home staging, pack them for charity or auction now.

5. And all that dreaded paper. I hear often from my clients that they feel overwhelmed by the amount of paper they have. Many people, especially older adults feel that it is necessary to keep every piece of paper including bills, bank statements on closed accounts, past tax documents and mortgage records for past homes they lived in. They’ve kept it and moved it all with them.

Deal with the paper one box, one drawer, one room at a time.

Keep only what you must and anything with your personal information on it like social insurance numbers, tax records, bank statements, etc. Shred those through a reputable company.

Moving Newmarket – feeling anxious and overwhelmed
by the amount of work to do?


Can’t let go or get your
loved one to budge on the process?


Hire a Professional
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