Moving – Downsizing – What’s Right for You?

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Downsizing, Moving or Right-Sizing?

Moving – Kim Cameron is an Accredited Senior Agent & Senior Real Estate Specialist with Homelife Beach Country Realty Inc.

Kim is an experienced agent who can help you decide what your next best move is.

Life is ever changing as we enjoy its many stages. We go from being single or recently married in our 20’s. To having children and enjoying a large home in our 30’s and 40’s. And then to possibly becoming an empty nester. And for many comes the consideration of downsizing and moving our living space in our 50’s and 60’s .

Here are 4 questions to consider when you are deciding if it is right for you to sell your home.  And possibly to downsize to a smaller home, condo or to rent an apartment.

1. How often to you entertain.
If you live in 40-50% of your current home and rarely have guests sleepover likely  owning a large 3 bedroom no longer makes sense. Downsizing and moving is something to seriously consider.

2. How Important is your Outdoor Space to you?
If you do not enjoy spending time gardening, entertaining in your outdoor space and it has turned into a “job.” You might be a good candidate for moving to acondo or a smaller yard.

3. Are you travelling away from your home often?
If you love to travel or spend a lot of time at a Vacation property then consider downsizing your home. This will free up cash to spend travelling plus the ease the stress of maintaining a home.

4. How much of your Life accumulation of stuff do you really use, enjoy and need?
Over the decades we keep many things because we have the space to store it. BUT, one day we all need to deal with this because excess stuff creates stress in our lives.

It may be overwhelming to sort it all yourself .  You have the option to hire professional help to ease the burden of this. You will feel an amazing relief when this is done as it opens up choices for you to make a change in your life that will enable you to “Live Life to the Fullest” to fit your lifestyle right now.


Kim Cameron Sales Representative, Accredited Senior Agent & Senior Real Estate Specialist at Homelife Beach Country Realty Inc. can help you sort through the choices and make the right decision for you.

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