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by : Mharlos | 22 Jul, 2019 | Downsizing | Downsizing Barrie | 0 Comments

Moving – downsizing Barrie or just organizing all that extra stuff in your house, a disposal bin is often a great idea.

I was at the hospital in Barrie recently having one of those awkward tests and the technician lightened the mood by making small talk.

She asked about my business as she noticed the logo on my shirt. I answered I offer moving, downsizing and professional organizing services. She asked, do you use those big bins to get rid of the garbage? I replied absolutely, AND you can put almost anything in it that needs to be recycled. She commented, can I put my husband in there. We laughed. A temptation I’m sure – but no husbands, wives or children.

The items that can be placed in a bin are almost limitless and include:
  • Wood
  • Building materials
  • Glass – jars, windows, mirrors, etc.
  • Appliances
  • Scrap metal
  • Electronics
  • Old furniture
  • Paper – only those that are not personal. Those need to be shredded
  • Cardboard
  • Plastics

And more…

Some of these items can be donated to places like the Restore. Also, local scrap metal companies will pick up items for free. And lastly, you can take old computers to GEEP and get paid for them.

These are all great methods of recycling. If you have the time to coordinate the various tasks, do so. BUT, if you need or want this done quickly, a Dump-N-Move Disposal bin is:

  • Economical
  • Efficient and
  • Environmentally friendly


There are a few items that you cannot be placed in the bins.

They are:

  • Paints – Any amount of paint in the can makes it unacceptable for the disposal bin. Empty cans may be placed in the disposal bin or in your blue bin at the curb on recycling day.
  • Chemical products
  • Propane
  • Hazardous materials

These items can be taken to the hazardous waste depot located at your landfill. Check with your city, town or county. Click here for The City of Barrie. For the County of Simcoe click here.

Above all, before you start, take a thorough inventory of what you have in your home. You might be surprised how much extra stuff you really have therefore, helpful and easier to have a bin.

The contents of disposal bins get sorted at a private transfer depot. So, this means that only those things that are truly garbage go into the landfill.

Everything else gets recycled to its appropriate place. I recommend DumpNMove who I use for my moving – downsizing Barrie projects. Most importantly, Proprietor, Dan Anderson provides excellent customer service and great pricing. (Also, if you are in need of commercial waste disposal, Dan’s the man).

Again, evaluate all the things you have in your home, garage, basement, and workshop. If it’s not economical for you to rent a bin on your own ask a few neighbours or family members if they would like to join you in downsizing their home and property.


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