Moving Company Nightmares-Who to Trust

It doesn’t take moving across the country to turn your move into a long-distance haul. 

Moving between the GTA and Barrie, Innisfil, Orillia will likely be considered a local move. You will most likely pay by the hour with an approximate number of hours to complete the job. But moves to Ottawa or Windsor will be considered a long-distance move and you will pay by the weight. So how do we know how much our possessions weigh. And Furthermore, how do we know if we are hiring a reputable company.

CBC’s Marketplace has an excellent episode on cross country moves. 

And if you are interested on becoming informed about how to choose a local mover watch this episode originally release by Marketplace in 2013.

If you do need a referral to a great company
I would be pleased to provide you with names
of great movers to give you an estimate.


Happy Moving!

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