Moving – Benefits to an Organized Move

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Reduces your stress levels and much more…

Moving – Benefits of an organized and smooth move takes work, dedication and commitment during the entire process.

Top 5 Must Do’s for a Smooth Move:

1. Book you mover. Get a professional quote in writing. DO NOT go with the company that provides you with the lowest estimate unless they closely match the other estimates. I recommend getting 3 quotes from reputable movers. Ask for referrals or check online reviews.

In the estimate you will want to have the:

  • date
  • time
  • number of hours the work will take
  • the number of movers they are will be sending
  • any additional charges i.e fuel surcharge or if they have to wait for the keys to the new home to arrive if your new home is closing on your move day.

2. Book the elevator. If moving to a condo or apartment building you will need to book the elevator. You will need to coordinate these 2 tasks together. Ask how long you will be allowed the use of elevator on service. Also, what other rules are there? Get this all in writing. If communicating over the phone ask them to email you the details.

3. Moving Room. Is there a secure moving room where your belongings can be securely stored while the movers make trips in the elevator with a limited number of furnishings.

DO NOT ASSUME that the moving company knows.

If they have not moved into that building or send a new crew likely they won’t know. This is your responsibility not the moving company’s. A secure moving room can save you money. If there is not one you will pay for one person to stay with the moving truck for the day to protect your valuables. Asking questions will save you time, grief and money.

4. Pack a moving day survival kit. Include an overnight bag just in case you do have to go to a family member’s home or a hotel for the night. Yes, I just had it happen. The truck arrived late and with fewer movers than promised to my client. As a result, we missed the elevator. So I booked a room in a Barrie hotel for the client and returned the next day to finish the move coordination. (I did not book the movers and have never worked with them before-just saying this doesn’t happen when I book the mover). I did educate my client on his rights. And as well,  he made detailed notes to discuss with the company when he went to finalize the bill.

5. Be present during the entire move. You need to stay onsite the entire time that the truck is being packed and unpacked. You will want to make sure that everything goes on the truck as planned.

Two things I request:

#1. I always ask for the wardrobe boxes to be placed on the truck last. So that they will come off first at the new home. While the furniture is being brought in you can unpack all the wardrobe boxes placing all clothes on hangers into their appropriate space. The movers will take the empty boxes with them. Wardrobe boxes are awkward, over-sized and returning them later can be very difficult and your moving company may charge you extra to keep them. This just adds an unnecessary cost to your move.

The second request: Beds come off and are set up early on so that the beds can be made. My rule-everyone sleeps in their bed the first night in their new home. So, you will want to have the bedding packed in box(es), labeled and placed on the truck accordingly. And remind the movers if necessary, when they are bringing in the beds to bring in the bedding too.

Feeling that moving is a lot of work and you feel overwhelmed with the thought of moving?

Some of my clients choose my full start-to-finish downsizing and move management services. Others hire me to do those tasks that they cannot of do not want to complete.

I design an à la carte moving – benefits to an organized move package based upon your needs.

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